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Gotham S3:E5 Recap

‘I just want someone to share it with…’ – Oswald

Mad City: Anything For You

Wow. Okay. So….

This episode was all about Oswald, more importantly the battle for Oswald’s heart between Butch and Ed. Butch spends this episode so very jealous of Ed and making increasingly terrible life choices in an attempt to reclaim his spot as Oswald’s bestie. Of course, Butch doesn’t have the crazy (or attention to detail) to compete with Ed and publicly gets himself in a huge mess, from which he’s going to have a hell of a time coming back. All of that leads to Ed and Oswald bonding even more, which leads to one of the slashiest moments, on a show where Jim Gordon’s hotness has felled almost every character, ever.

Meanwhile Jim and Valerie continue to dig into the effects of Alice Tetch’s blood, and grow closer despite themselves. Jim and Bruce also spend the day hanging out and looking into Ivy’s disappearance (guys, I love the Jim and Bruce relationship so much. So. Much.) giving each other some downtime from the crazy that is their lives. After some much needed real talk and brotherly love, the boys decide to actually move forward and live in the moment instead of dwelling on the past. This comes as a surprise to Lee, who thinks she’s doing something when she tells Jim who Mario really is. Except Jim, who is a detective/private investigator, has known who Mario’s father is from the jump and….doesn’t care. Whoops?

Last, but far from least,  the increasingly incompetent GCPD has somehow managed to misplace Jervis Tetch. So of course Tetch has gone full From Hell and is stalking Jim. Eeeep.

Booking Notes

  • Zsasz is back and I’m so very happy.
  • Lucius Fox continues to be the sassiest, most adorable thing on this damn show, give him more screen time!  
  • Watching Tabitha and Barbara get underestimated by idiots never gets old.
  • The gorgeousness of this show’s costuming and sets is one of its greatest assets.

While the show never stops moving pieces forward, this was actually a slower-paced episode that allowed room for the characters to breathe and the storylines to really take root. Relationships either solidified or got changed completely, and new threats were shown to be on the horizon.

Unfortunately for everyone, the danger is closer than they think.

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