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Falling Water S1:E2 Recap

So it begins…

Falling Water on USA

In the aftermath of Jones’ suicide things get increasingly dicey for our unaware protagonists. Burton realizes that he’s only been seeing The Woman in Red in his dreams and that he’s not the only one at his company who’s been having extremely vivid hallucinations. Meanwhile Tess officially joins Bill’s dream collective, wherein everyone involved is super invasive and clinical. Seriously Bill, and his entire staff, are creepy as hell. However, this week the most intriguing storyline belongs to Take. We see his investigation from an utterly different perspective: that of two women who ‘helped’ him in the previous episode. Both are fully involved in whatever ‘Topeka’ is and know far more about Take, Tess and Burton than they should.

One of the things I enjoy about this show is how each character’s dreamscape has a slightly different feel that’s a reflection of not only them as people but their jobs. Burton’s are all very precise and specific: location, people and colors are all sharp and angled. There’s a heightened awareness about everything that gives a sense of intrigue, very much in keeping with Burton’s job as a corporate investigator. Tess’ dreamscape, on the other hand, feels just like that: a dream. Trippy and odd, with people and things in places they absolutely shouldn’t be, it tells a story, if you’re paying close enough attention. Fitting for a photographer who sees the extraordinary in the everyday.

Finally there’s Take. Take’s dreamscape is friggin’ terrifying at all times. Even when the surroundings are seemingly benign, there’s an underlying sense of danger. What’s interesting is, of all the characters, Take is the one who has (inadvertently) fully embraced the Dreamscape and all it entails. While Tess is in Bill’s program and Burton’s digging into Jones’ suicide is taking him further down the rabbit hole, they’re both resistant to the entire concept. Take on the other hand flows with what’s going on. Whether this is because he’s a police officer and is used to following leads (no matter how bizarre), because he has infinite patience as the son of someone who’s in a vegetative state, or both he’s naturally inclined towards seeing where his gut takes him. While this natural affinity makes it far easier for him to access his dreamscape (though he doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing) it also makes it far easier for him to be attacked within his dreams in return.

Whether he figures out how to attack back remains to be seen.

Things Dreamt Of

  • The design Tess spotted in the first episode has not only been mass produced but is being worn by some interesting people.
  • Woody….I don’t like Woody. At. All.
  • Burton is all kinds of polite, until you aren’t. Then he will politely tell you all the ways he could destroy you while never raising his voice. It’s awesome.

Two episodes in and while we’re getting answers in some ways, much like Westworld, we’re getting more questions with those answers. I like it.

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