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‘Logan’ shows off the Wolverine brutality fans have been waiting for

“Mutants. They’re gone now.”

When we brought you the last pieces of information on Wolverine 3 (or Logan, as it’s being called), we told you that the film was said to be more violent & heavy-themed than previous X-Men films. Well, the official Red Band trailer was just released, and shows us just that. This film looks to display the animalistic nature of our clawed protagonist, and it definitely looks like it’ll be more violent than previous installments!

Johnny Cash’s iconic cover of NIN’s “Hurt” playing over the trailer sets the mood beautifully for what looks to be a movie about Logan being introspective after a (very) long life of violence, solitude, and self-discovery. The trailer shows Logan covered in scars, and obviously not healing as fast as he used to, as age seems to have taken its toll on him. We also get a glimpse at the character of X-23 as a young & scared mutant, of whom Patrick Stewart‘s Professor Xavier tells Logan, “She needs our help”.

Even though he’s gotten old, however, Wolvie seems to still be in great fighting form, as he leaps at soldiers, runs just as fast, and dispatches one foe in perfectly brutal Wolverine style. While the American trailer doesn’t specify an MPAA rating, rumors have circulated that director James Mangold are not going to shy away from an “R” rating.

Hopefully, this means that Hugh Jackman‘s final time with the claws will be his most epic, and really slash through all expectations of a comic book movie adaptation.

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