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Review: ‘Speechless’ S1E4: “I-n-s-Inspirations”

Oh, the antics in last night’s episode!! Genius.

Beginning with Maya convincing Jimmy & the kids that they could widen a doorway in the house, her charm took the first part of this episode by storm. The family then recalls all the ways in which Maya has charmed them into doing things that they’re in no way qualified to do (Dylan the therapist, anyone?).

With a day of freedom ahead for JJ & Kenneth, they noticed that apparently the whole town is just like the school, in that they see the pair as inspirations. Realizing this could be an opportunity, Kenneth devised a plan to milk it for all it was worth: getting into a baseball game without tickets, throwing out the first pitch, being up on the jumbo-tron, etc. When JJ’s word board is briefly left in the stadium parking lot, however, Kenneth gets a silent earful…

Back with the rest of the family, it was interesting to see how they dealt with not having to take accessibility into account in their activities for once, especially since it allowed Ray and Dylan to connect like never before. At paintball, Ray’s “10,000 hours of HALO” allowed the DiMeos to kick some serious butt (despite Jimmy wanting to nap on the field).

However, Maya still had to learn that it’s important to do things for herself. A $3 ice skating trip helped, even though it resulted in her “breaking” a part of her anatomy…

Throughout the episode, it was awesome to see Ray & Dylan get their own dynamic, and watch its momentary evolution. I also loved seeing JJ enjoy not only physical & familial independence, but also to show some real emotional independence and stand his ground towards Kenneth.

This show still brings me great laughs & hits a lot of good points on life with a disability. Since it’s been picked up for a full season, I really want to see that trend continue.

5 out of 5 hand slaps

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