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Review Brew: Trinity #1

Trinity #1 

Written and Drawn by Francis Manapul

I must confess, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Trinity as much as I did. After all we have a gazillion books on the individual members of the Trinity, as well as books like Justice League to cover them together. Surprisingly, there’s so much more to be mined. Trinity more than anything else is a lot of fun. It covers everything from the Rainbow Batman incident, to Superman’s choices as a father, to Wonder Woman’s lingering feelings for the New 52 Superman.

All of that would be baggage under different circumstances, however here it allows the book to take its time and set up a different kind of book from the rest of the line. The bizarre circumstances of the current Trinity actually allows for a certain amount of mystery, and for myth making, especially with regard to Pre-Flashpoint Superman knowing a different version of the Trinity from his counterparts and vice versa.

Normally it would sound boring to read a book about the Trinity and Lois having dinner, yet it’s actually quite a bit of fun. It also allows Manapul to have a more contemplative atmosphere filter in, as is his wont. While Manapul doesn’t tend to appear in a lot of books, it’s always worth it to see what he has to offer both in terms of graphic design, and in overall aesthetic of a book. Trinity is not going to be a book for the continuity die-hards, but if you’re looking for fantastic storytelling, and something different from the usual pyrotechnics,  you’re in for a treat.

4 out of 5 Dinner Parties.

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