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Kid Review Brew: Raven #1

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Art: Damian Scott
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: 09/21/16
Price: $2.99

This review was written by my 11 year old daughter, Madison!
This week I had the pleasure of reading Raven #1. This comic, from creator Marv Wolfman, is part of DC comics newest limited run installments. While this title is not a “rebirth”, it takes place between Teen Titans #24 and Teen Titans rebirth #1.


Raven is taking a break from the Teen Titans because of Robin’s (Tim Drake) death. At 17 Raven is told that she has an aunt and now lives in her aunt’s home accompanied by her uncle, a little baby girl named Jessica, a blonde hair boy named Billy, and Mary-Beth, a girly teenager. During her stay Raven has a vision about her father Trigon, a demon from Azar. Raven ends up going to her friend Madison’s high school, where she encounters some antagonizers who make her annoyed so she makes their worst nightmare come true. Raven does ends up making some friends in addition to Madison: Archer, and a couple more classmates. However, when Archer suddenly goes blind it’s up to Raven to stop it. Raven finds that there is a girl that is responsible for her new friend’s plight and goes out to stop her.

The plot of this comic is well planned and it is cool to see Raven in the real world going to school like a normal teenage girl, but with problems of her own. Damian Scott’s art is phenomenal for this title: there are so many details in buildings and faces. Stand alone issues can sometimes take the characters to places outside the norm, but Raven did an exceptional job at keeping the heroine true to herself.

4 energy orbs out of 5

(Author: Madison Lynn DiNello)

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