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Gotham S3:E1 Recap

The gang is all here and it’s about to be crazy…

Mad City: Better To Reign In Hell 

Depression: Gotham Style

Jim’s out here taking on metas armed with a gun and nightstick like a lunatic because his Gotham induced PTSD combined with finding out Lee’s moved on has driven him over the edge. Considering that he’s been pushed for two years straight closer and closer to insanity, it makes sense that he’d just go ‘Screw it’ and jump off the cliff. The good news is he’s making bank as there’s a $5000 bounty on each meta brought in. The bad news? This is putting him smack in the middle of the three way war that’s about to light up Gotham between Fish Mooney and her cabal of metas, the GCPD and Penguin’s mob crew.

Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

Speaking of Penguin’s crew: he, Tabitha, Barbara, Butch and the currently incarcerated Ed are running these Gotham streets – to the point that Oswald straight walks up into the GCPD and hijacks Barnes and Mayor James’ press conference. Penguin spends this episode on a roll of awesome: throwing shade on everyone, everywhere; calling upon the citizens of Gotham to help catch Fish; counseling Butch on his love life; killing fools, and still finding the time to hit on Jim. It’s amazing.  If this is how he’s starting the season, I can’t wait to see where he goes.

Really Guys? Really?

You guys know I love Bruce and Alfred. Truly I do, but seriously…what in the left hell? Bruce calls a board meeting to let the Court of Owls know that he knows that they’re all up in his company – and he’s coming for them. Which is all well and good, except then he and Alfred leave the damn windows of Wayne Manor open. You know what happens when you leave the windows of your impossibly large house open? Assassins and kidnappers can walk right into your damn house and kidnap you.

I really hope that this is apart of some kind of plan.

Booking Notes

  • Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale gives me life. I did not realize how much we needed a different dynamic until she showed up.
  • Jim’s going to put Harvey and Barnes in the hospital with worry. No, seriously, something is very wrong with Barnes.
  • Can Lucius stop being the cutest dork ever? He’s adorable. I need more Jim and Lucius interaction STAT.
  • Selina continues to be the most stagnant character on the show, just no growth as a person and it’s getting annoying.
  • Clone!Bruce looks like he was dragged behind all the horses and apparently shares Bruce’s taste in women.

This season opener laid a lot of ground for the rest of the series but seemed to fly by because the pace was perfect, more please!

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