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Star Wars Ep. VII – A Lack of Ship Diversity

Brook Hubbard gives his thought about lack of ships in SW VII

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I’ve posted on social media sites my praises and criticisms for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They mostly center on it being a safe movie, attempting to rehash the Original Movie while staying as far away from the Prequels as possible. This created something that was fun, nostalgic, and enjoyable… yet also lacking in “oomph” and much new.

My biggest complaint, however, stemmed on the sheer lack of technological diversity, specifically starships. The choice to mostly focus on minor updates to the two classic starfighters (X-wings and TIE fighters) soured what could have been awesome space battles full of new sights (not to mention potential collectibles/toys). Given both the time span of the movies as well as the precedent set for changes in technology, the lack of ship diversity felt out-of-place and disappointing. To make my point, let’s look at the bevy of starships between the OT and Prequels. (Note: I…

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