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American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Season 6 and what is to come

With baited breath we have awaited the new 6th season of American Horror Story.  Over the past month, the rumors were ablaze of what the season would be about, with the commercials giving us all mixed messages. When Lady Gaga’s New song “Perfect Illusion” dropped, even more questions arose of what the story line could be. Well the season has arrived in all its gut-wrenching glory. My Roanoke Nightmare is a fitting title for this newest installment, with the setting being the lost colony of Roanoke, North Carolina. It is giving the tastes of all that is dark and creepy with a nice side of mystery.

We are introduced to the characters Shelby and Matt who are being filmed and narrating the reenactments of their story, much like a episode from A Haunting. They are instantly haunted in the architecturally beautiful old farm house that was built in 1792. They have made their residence in this lost town of Roanoke after a gang related tragedy in LA. Reenactments of the past crime scene and being at the farmhouse are starred by Sarah Paulson as Shelby and an amazing surprise with Cuba Gooding Jr. as Matt. There are strange occurrences that are not limited to what we think is a hail storm that we come to see are actually human teeth and a ghostly lynch mob.

The actors in this show never cease to amazing in their acting skills with much depth and breadth. The transformations that they take with appearances and personalities with each new character is gripping every season. It astonishes me why more of them have not won more awards for this show. As we have not seen all of the actors as of yet, I look forward to what the season will bring for the entire cast. I can only assume the in-credit actors were in some ghost form with the group of settlers. Angela Bassett (reenactment) and Adina Porter (interviewee) both portray Lee (Matt’s sister) and have both stolen my attention by their screen presence and challenging characters they portray. The writing, storytelling, and visuals continue to be as gripping as it is chilling.

Will we hear more than one crime story? Will the different stories intertwine? Is there going to be a Charley Manson character as was rumored? When will the whole cast appear? So many questions still, but until the next time my AHS friends. More will be revealed on what season 6 will hold for us.

4.8 out of 5 gasps of air

Cast of Season 6 Episode 1:  Angela Bassett as reenactment Lee, Adina Porter as interview Lee, Kathy Bates as Ghost Settler Woman, Lady Gaga as in credits only maybe the lady covered in blood, Cuba Gooding Jr. as reenactment Matt, Sarah Paulson as reenactment Shelby,  André Holland as Interview Matt, and Lily Rabe as Interview Shelby.




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