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Review Brew: Suicide Squad #2

Suicide Squad #2

Written by Rob Williams

Art by Scott Williams and Jim Lee

Variant Cover by Lee Bermejo

Published by DC Comics


If you’ve seen the movie, or at least saw the trailers for it, you know who these iconic villains are and what they are doing together in one team. Continuing where issue 1 left off (see review here), the story starts with an underwater fight that leads to breaking into a building where the squad helps a girl named Hack. In exchange for freedom she takes them to a designated place. However, that place turns out to be the Phantom Zone and things go downhill from there.

For those new to comics, Rob Williams created a character to help. We are introduced to Harcourt who serves as an “Introducer” for readers to find out what’s going on as well as to hint at further plot developments for the comic series as a whole. However, the story really goes to the squad as they work with each other to not die and complete the mission.

The fight scenes were my favorite part of the issue. They were brilliantly done with the right mixture of realism and fantasy, which is what I like to see in a DC comic. Both artist and writer work together to create a quirky, clever, and fun story. All the ingredients necessary for talking about the Suicide Squad. The story includes a second chapter where the readers get an insight into Captain Boomerang’s life. We learn a version of how he became a bad guy, but Williams will break your heart with pity for the poor Aussie in the end.

If you missed issue #1, that’s okay. Read PCU’s review of it and pick this one up. It’s very welcoming for those who saw the movie and would like to get into the comic book frenzy without having to delve into the DC archives. The story is taking a fun direction that I’d be curious to follow.


4 Phantom Zones out of 5

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