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‘Aragami’ comes out of the shadows & on to PS4

Back in April, we brought you a peek at the upcoming game Aragami – a beautiful stealth game from Barcelona-based developer Lince Works. At the time, the game was slated for release “in the fall of 2016”, but there was no concrete date. Well, effective this morning, it looks like that gorgeous-looking title has been given its official PS4 release date of October 4th! The announcement was made on David Leon’s (head of Lince Works) Twitter page, as well as on the PlayStation blog.

On the blog announcement, Mr. Leon also added, “To us, this is a huge deal — we’ve been working on Aragami for over two years, and finally we will be able to share our game with PS4 fans worldwide.”

This innovative title allows players to assume the role of Aragami – a recently-deceased assassin, brought back to “life” by a mysterious girl, in order to rescue her and discover the details surrounding your previous life & subsequent death.

The assassin wields the power to control shadows, in order to help him move undetected, strike from almost anywhere, and take down opponents who use the power of light in an attempt to destroy the protagonist.

While the gameplay time seems quite short (8-10 hours for story completion, a bit more if players decide to collect everything), the visual style, gameplay mechanics, and and Japanese-style soundtrack by Two Feathers is enough to get this writer excited about playing this one. For those of you wondering about other platforms, the developers stated in a Facebook post back in April, “[The] Xbox version is not cancelled, but our main focus right now is releasing the game on PS4 + PC/Mac/Linux.”

Tell us, dear readers: Will you be slipping through shadows  with Arigami this October? Let us know in the comments down below!

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