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Become the Perfect Assassin in ‘Aragami’

A new announcement trailer debuted today for Lince Works’s new project, Aragami.  In this beautifully-crafted game, players assume the role of an undead assassin, who is brought back to the world of the living by a mysterious girl known as Yamiko.  Yamiko asks for your help in freeing her from a mountain prison, and in the process, uncovering the secrets of your (recently ended) life.

As the story unfolds, the assassin is pitted against Kaiho – an army of mystical warriors who have the power to control light.  Striking under the cover of darkness is the one time when the Kaiho are most vulnerable, and the assassin uses his mastery of stealth & his supernatural powers to dispatch them one by one.  Even the stealthiest warrior must take care, though; as the Kaiho use several techniques – including ethereal lights, supernatural sword techniques, and even exploding booby traps, in their attempt to prevent the player from reaching Yamiko.  In order to succeed, the assassin must utilize the shadows to hide in the game’s environment, as well as tactically choose when (and when not) to strike at his enemies.  Throughout the game, the assassin will gain new stealth abilities as he becomes stronger (such as teleportation between shadows, creating new areas of darkness, materializing new traps & weapons, and even summoning a shadow dragon) to assist in destroying his foes.

In a statement on Playstation’s blog, Lince Works studio director David León said that the game will allow for two styles of gameplay: one where a player can stay invisible & beat the game without being noticed, or one where a player can go through and kill every enemy in every level. The abilities that the assassin gains throughout the game can be individually chosen to suit either play style.  León goes on to mention that the staff at Lince Works “are huge fans of stealth games, as there is nothing else out there that can replicate that tension you feel when trying to be the perfect assassin, but we feel that in the last few years ‘stealth’ in games has been diluted and doesn’t pose a real challenge; the tension of being detected by the enemy is gone.  We want to fix that in Aragami, where you are outmatched, outnumbered, and alone. You have no guns, amazing fencing skills or regenerating health. Your main weapon is your cunning, your sword, and darkness.”

The gameplay we see in the trailer to Aragami is very reminiscent of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, and the cel-shaded art style conjures memories of Okami, so fans of great gaming visuals should be pleased.  Additionally, if the Japanese-style orchestral music (performed by Two Feathers) in the trailer is anything to go on, the score will be hauntingly beautiful.

Aragami is currently set to be released on PS4, Mac, and Steam.  Slated for release in the fall of 2016, this game is one to look out for.

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