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Overwatch is free to play this weekend!

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to try out Blizzard’s team-based shooter Overwatch for free from September 9-12. Starting at 8am EDT/11am PDT on Sept. 9, Xbox One and PS4 players can access a free trial of this game that includes all maps and heroes. Ps4 players will need an online subscription, but will not need Playstation Plus to play. Xbox One users, however, will need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

Dak Huntley, one of those hosts for the 410wned Gaming Podcast, said, “Overwatch is the best entry level multilayer I’ve played in a very long time.” Overwatch has been played by over 15 million people so far, but this free weekend will be sure to pull in others, including me. “The timing on this [free weekend] is perfect,” Dak continued, “Let everyone check it out before the big fall game releases. There are about 4 multiplayer games that will be released over the next 60 days. This could sway a few away from a multiplayer game they were going to buy ‘just because.’” The game has already led Blizzard to its best second quarter sales ever.

Instructions for how to get started on either console can be found


Soldier 76

I talked to one of my friends, Bobby, who can be found on Overwatch playing under the name, MadMerco, about any suggestions he has for newcomers such as what characters to start with first. “Soldier 76 is a great starter,” he said. “He’s basically ‘shooter guy.’ [He is] very easy to pick up if you are coming from another shooter [game].” If you prefer taking on a support role though, he said, “Lucio is easy to start [with] because he uses area of effect to heal, you just have to stay close to your team.” His last starter recommendation is Bastion. “Bastion,” he continued, “is good for new people because you just sit him in turret mode and rack up kills.” I then asked him who is favorite hero is to which he replied that he didn’t have one because “you need to be able to switch and adapt to the situation as the match progresses.” However, he adds, “Soldier 76, Lucio, Torbjorn, and Reinhardt are my favorites in their particular areas.” Kevin Zerner, another host from the 410wned Gaming Podcast, shared similar sentiments and added that “if you like sniping I would go Widowmaker.” So, newbies, don’t just stick with one hero. Try them all! Here’s the full list of heroes to choose from.

Now that you have your hero selected, what do you play first? “Start with matches against A.I.,” Bobby advised, “but [that will] only get you so far. Quick Match is where you want to go once you get your ‘bearings.’”

So go play! A lot of people are already. PCU’s own Tascha Carlucci said, “Overwatch is the best first person shooter I have ever played!” If you decide you like it, Blizzard has it set up so you don’t have to lose any progress gained from this free weekend. By purchasing Overwatch Origins Edition, you’ll get the full game as well as anything you unlocked from the free weekend.

If you do try it out, let me know what you think. I’ll be playing on the Xbox so maybe we’ll play a few matches together.


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