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Mr Robot S2:E9 Recap

This show takes confusion to insane levels…


As I suspected Elliot went down for outing Michael Hansen for the cheating, animal abusing piece of trash he is to Krista last season. He willfully chose to go to jail, despite all the evidence against him being flimsy at best, in an effort to destroy Mr Robot once and for all. What he didn’t know was that Whiterose was keeping an eye on him (like the world’s most murderous guardian angel) and had Leon on protection detail from day one. Elliot proceeded to filter this whole experience through his imagination in an effort to deal and we get that Depeche Mode hotness as we do a quick tour of the previous episodes with the filter off.

Which brings us to the present, a month after Darlene bashed Cisco’s skull in, and everything went so far off the rails that there’s no getting it back on track. Darlene scoops up the recently released Elliot (he and several other non-violent offenders have been let loose thanks to 5/9) and Darlene fills him in on everything that’s gone down. They hook up with Cisco, who somehow still has a head, and Elliot demands to speak to Whiterose about Stage 2. This is confuzzling to everyone involved, including the Dark Army, not because they don’t want to meet in person (they don’t) but because, wait for it….Elliot is the one who set up Stage 2, not Whiterose.

That’s right ladies and gents, Elliot is the mastermind of everything, Whiterose and the Dark Army are his enforcers.

This show just continues to be a gordian knot of crazy.

I love it.

Backup Files

  • Ray was the warden. Ray was the warden. This mothereffing show.
  • Of course Angela was able to just to walk in and steal confidential files off of ECorp’s server because one hot blonde girl looks just like another.
  • But seriously fSociety is so amatuer hour when it comes to being actual criminals. As I said to Sosh if this crew somehow merged with the crew of Leverage then they’d really be able to take over the world.
  • Susan Jacobs apartment is filled with all kinds of spoilers….
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  1. Super Series, I was hooked on, passing great play of actor from rami malek.


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