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Mr Robot S2:E7 Recap

I cannot even.


Joanna is taking the baby for a stroll and remembering how things were only a few years before when Tyrell was still alive(?) and the Knowles’ were just annoying speedbumps on the way up the corporate ladder. Her reminiscing is interrupted by some random throwing (I hope) paint on her, right in front of her baby. This seems to be the last straw as she decides, after an ultimatum from her boy toy, that she’s going to file for divorce from Tyrell. Um. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile Dom continues to be the smartest person on this show, and that’s saying a lot. Remember how she spotted Angela last week? Yeah, Dom totally knows Angela is tied to what’s going on. She’s not sure how or why but she knows. Angela however is totally going to cut someone soon, especially as everyone, friends and enemies alike, keeps underestimating just how crazy she actually is.

Elliot on the other hand is very much in the present and the present isn’t looking too good. Mr Robot is there and filling him in on what happened to Tyrell: Elliot shot him that night after Tyrell confessed to killing Sharon. My body was ready to know what happened to Tyrell, or so I thought, but I was not ready. But here’s the thing, we’ve not seen a body yet. Mr Robot I’m not new. I know how television works you mofo and until I see a body I believe nothing.

However the biggest reveal of the night has nothing to do with Tyrell: this whole time, Elliot has been in jail. The. Whole. Damn. Time. Everything we’ve seen that’s been from his POV has been filtered through his imagination, his way of dealing with being in the clink. Not going to lie, this revelation? Straight up broke my brain. I literally spent the past week rewatching everything up to this point and the hints are there: Elliot’s conversations with Ray (who is a guard at the prison); every scene where he’s talking to other characters; the routine of it all… it’s all there but it’s done so well, so skillfully that until you know? You just don’t know. Dammit show. You get me everytime.

Backup Files

  • My paranoia about getting off grid is only reinforced by the batshit that is this show.
  • The entire internet is losing its damn mind about Tyrell. Myself included.
  • Dom does pretty much what I do when I get utterly fed up because everyone around me is not operating on my level: drink.
  • Craig Robinson and Portia Doubleday are turning into this season’s MVPs for real. They have just been subtly handing in award worthy performances every damn week.
  • White Rose got her fingers in everything yo. 
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