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The Sartorial Geek: Let’s Talk About Purses

Being of the male persuasion, I realize that the sort of things that I geek out over can be a big bias. So far I’ve highlighted everything from cufflinks to messenger bags to ties, most particularly skewed to a mostly male audience. Today we are going to change all of that. Today we dive into the world purses and handbags, a world about which I know absolutely nothing.

Depending on how you grew up, you knew that anything your wanted or needed was in grandma’s (or mom’s) purse. I’m not sure if grandma will use this purse to store the contents of a mini infirmary, confectionery, and makeup store combined, but these Star Wars The Force Awakens purses will certainly let everyone know that you have the coolest grandma on the block.

Lets face it, we all love Harley Quinn! Even though Suicide Squad was a mess of a movie, Margot Robbie’s performance was one of the few highlights. If you go to any con, one of the most popular characters to cosplay (arguably) is the clown prince of crime’s main squeeze. That being the case, why not accessorize like Dr. Quinzel in real life with this inspired purse by Bioworld.

Personally, I am a huge Star Trek fan, so I have a slight proclivity to drift toward anything that is Star Trek related. As a result, I just happened to stumble upon this really cool Star Trek themed retro purse. Sporting the classic insignia and all the colors of rank, this is a purse that any lady (or otherwise) Trekkie could really get behind.

These are just a speck on the landscape of that out there. If these don’t satisfy your cravings for handbags, then there are many more out there for your to choose. Happy hunting!

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  1. Yikes! I’m sure there are better bags out there than the Star Trek and Harley Quinn bags. I’ve seen the Star Wars bags up close and they are adorable but you have to be a handbag kind of girl. I prefer crossbody bags or backpacks. 😉


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