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Pewdiepie’s Twitter account unverified following ISIS joke

YouTube’s most popular creator, Pewdiepie, had his Twitter account unverified, following what appeared to be a joke about him & fellow Youtuber JackSepticEye planning to join the terrorist organization, ISIS.

Original joke

Pewdiepie (whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) followed up the joke by retweeting a post by satirical news site @SkyNeiws, which claimed that his account had been unverified due to “suspected relations with ISIS”.

Sky Niews tweet

Users have had mixed reactions, some referencing Pewdiepie’s (often raunchy) sense of humor, while others calling it a publicity stunt. The Youtuber has responded, in a way, with his own video (please note that this video contains adult language).

Pewdiepie’s response of course uses his sardonic wit in order to fire away at Twitter’s verification system, and talk about how it doesn’t work. He goes on to explain that news sources have reached out to both him & JackSepticEye for comments on the situation…and make more ISIS jokes.

The lesson here, dear readers? Maybe don’t make tasteless jokes about a very serious topic in today’s sociopolitical climate, especially when you are followed by millions of people.

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