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The Strain Season 3 Premiere

Created by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan
Starring: Corey Stall, David Bradley, Kevin Durand

The wait is finally over, The Strain has returned from hiatus to continue our tale of vamps taking Manhattan. We left off with Setrakian finally obtaining the Occido Lumen, a mystic tome that contains the blueprint on how to put an end to the Strigoi once and for all. It also saw the heroic (if not futile) end of Nora, as she attempted to save Zach from being taken by the vampire horde.

In a New York Minute…
Eph continues his work on a bio-weapon to supply Councilwoman Ferlado’s (Samantha Mathis) war. However, the weapon, that can effectually kill the strigoi, is beginning to lose it’s potency. It would seem that the vampires are becoming true New Yorkers, with the ability to adapt to their surroundings. He labors during the day, but by night he is a mess of an alcoholic, wishing for his son’s safe return while haunted in his sleep by visions that Zack has already turned and will soon come to kill him. His vamp ex wife shows up to barter for Zach’s life: give her the Occido Lumen and Zach goes free, safe and sound.

To reflect on Eph for just a moment, it has been a build-up the first two seasons and is coming to a crescendo that if he is to ever defeat the monsters that have come to New York, he is going to first have to deal with his own demons. At this point, even if he won, what of himself would he have left?

Riddle me this…
Setrakian and Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) dive into their examination of the Lumen, only to find that there are more clues than answers in the text. There is no clear path for instructions on how to defeat the Master (Jack Kesy), it would appear that this will be a season long plot-line. It will be interesting to see the delicate balance that the partnership of a half-human/vamp and a life long vamp hunter will produce and how they will coexist in their mutual goal to end the Master.

Zero Dark Thirty
In the only true action sequences of the episode, Councilwoman Ferlado and Fet hatch a plan to take the fight to the vampires. She employs the talents of a Navy Seal team to assist in hunting down and killing the Master. Quinlan warns against this plan as he knows that he is the only one that can terminate the head vampire, but Fet is not one for listening. Of course, the team is no match for the monsters, leaving only a few Seals and Fet alive.

Overall, this was a typical slow burn episode, setting up the rest of the season. I would have expected a season premiere to have a boat-load of compelling drama, but this was seriously lacking in the oomph factor. I also found it very curious that Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas), the only female lead left (Felando is more a supporting character) was missing from the premiere. I am sure that we will catch up with her eventually, but her absence didn’t make much sense to me. Being that there are only 10 episodes this season, I expect the action to crank up rapidly, but with the exception of the Navy Seals team scenes, the premiere bordered on boring, which is not the best description for an apocalyptic death match for the city of New York.

3 strigoi out of 5


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