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Konami is taking the Metal Gear franchise in a new direction

Following the split between Konami & Hideo Kojima in December of 2015 (just months after the release of MGS V: The Phantom Pain), fans of the Metal Gear franchise wondered what would become of their favorite character, Venom Snake (or whatever we’re supposed to call him these days). Nerves were on edge as the fans looked to Konami with an uncertain (and occasionally disdainful) eye, hoping that the developer would continue on with the world-famous stealth franchise.

Those hopes have now been met with (what seems to be) a confident release from Konami Digital Entertainment, as they seem sure that they can continue on without the guidance of Mr. Kojima.  That being said, the announcement just days ago of a new Metal Gear title on the horizon, left fans somewhat shocked. The news broke that the new game will not only keep Snake himself far from the firefights, trenches, and urban warfare in which we are so used to seeing him, but that it will also be the franchise’s first foray into the zombie survival genre. As fans may have heard, the new title will be called Metal Gear Survive. The game is said to be playable by up to four players at a time, and Konami has reassured their fans that the famous stealth mechanics from previous iterations will still play a pivotal role.

While the trailer is all cinematic, it does seem to set the tone for what players can expect in the game. The zombies appear to be highly mutated & quite strong, but still vulnerable to the same old weapons of all zombie apocalypse stories: spears, blades, arrows, etc. Our new protagonist looks like he might be fresh from training, as he seems to be DECADES younger than Big Boss, and there are of course, lots of explosions & combat.

We here at PCU try to pride ourselves on objectivity.  However, curiosity got the better of us. Contrary to the advice of internet gurus everywhere, we actually read the comments section on the trailer, and reactions to this are…well, they’re not good. Everything from, “It’s official: Metal Gear is Dead”, to the subtle yet stinging, “I’m convinced Konami is being run by an analytics program. They only seem to understand data points. ‘Zombies are popular, survival games popular, Metal Gear popular. Zombie survival metal gear is our next game’” can be seen in the overwhelmingly negative responses to the video.

What do you think, dear readers, can Konami (minus Hideo Kojima) pull off a Metal Gear game centered on zombie survival, or will this title become a rotting corpse?  Let us know your thoughts!

Metal Gear Survive is slated for release in 2017.

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