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Review Brew: The Amazing World of Gumball 2016 Grab Bag Special (Reviewed by a kid)

Writers: Katy Farina, Philip Murphy, Anne Szabla, Terry Blas, Kate Sherron
Art: Katy Farina, Philip Murphy, Anne Szabla, Terry Blas, Kate Sherron, Mychal Amann, Laura Birdsall
Cover: Mariel Cartwright
Publisher: Boom Studios

This week, we’re having an actual kid review a kid-oriented comic. Reviewer Adam Frey’s 10 year-old daughter Kiersten loves The Amazing World of Gumball, so we asked her to review Boom!’s new issue and give us her thoughts. If you can’t trust a kid’s opinion of a kid’s comic, you have no business reading it.

Hi Kiersten.


So, what comic did you read?

The Amazing Gumball 2016 Grab Pack, I believe that’s what it’s called.

Was this a good comic for kids?


OK, why?

It’s like, based off of the show, like, Darwin and Gumball usually have to solve a problem, an existing problem or a problem they made themselves. And usually, it doesn’t turn out the way they want it to! The joke of the show is that the Wattersons are really dumb.

So Darwin and Gumball are the Wattersons?

Yeah! Except Darwin. That’s kind of confusing.

OK, so was this one story or several?

It was several. I think it was about three or four.

Which story was the best?

Oh. Well. Hmmm. I like the “Lunch Swap” one. It was funny because all the comics are based around going to school. And this one is basically like, “mom packs kids lunch. Kids don’t like the lunch.” So kids try to swap the lunch, but usually nobody wants it. Well, the mom asks the kids what they want for their lunches. Darwin says “PB&J,” while Gumball just says “whatever.” So Gumball gets food he doesn’t like but nobody wants to trade because they all got the food they wanted.

Which story was the worst?

“The shack” one I believe. It’s just kind of short and the ending was “blah.” That’s how it came off to me. I watch the show, so, I know how a lot of the stories go and that one didn’t follow the same pattern. Like, the problem gets resolved, but they were still missing all the details, which they usually have a lot of. They left out parts like, well, there are ghosts in the house, but like, there really wasn’t a conflict. There usually are conflicts, that’s for sure.

How was the rest of the comic?

They had a preview for another Gumball comic, “Cheat Code,” and that really got my attention. I think with comic ads, they should put like, ads for comics by the same company. They put a Gumball comic ad in the comic, so it’s like “Hey, maybe I should get this comic.” So you want to go get more.

How was the artwork?

Well, it didn’t look exactly like the show. That’s a little hard. I mean, in the comics I read, for example, The Simpsons, the art looks pretty good but it can’t be exactly the same. I think the art was pretty good, though.  I could still tell that they were the characters. There was a clear resemblance.

Overall, should a kid buy this comic or not?

Yeah!  I think kids would love this comic.

Do you think fans of the show would like this comic?

Yeah, definitely.

What rating do you give this comic?

I’d say it’s a 4.5 out of 5 because of that one short story, “The Shack.” It would have been perfect if that comic had been a little more exciting.

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