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Review Brew: Cryptocracy #3

Writer: Van Jensen
Art: Pete Woods
Lettering: Nate Piekos
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: August 31
Price: $3.99

The secret ruling class is in danger of losing their control over the world. Nine ancient prophecies foretell the destruction of the families and with the arrival of the mysterious nomad Hum, the first has already come to pass. In an attempt to gain as much knowledge as he can, Agent Grahame consults the ancients about these prophecies. Grahame firmly believes that if he can prove that Hum is simply a man, a man that can be killed, then the prophecies can be deemed false and the delicate balance of control that the families have over the populace can be reestablished and the status quo can continue. Meanwhile, Bela continues her research into proving the clandestine plans of the families in an attempt to expose them to the world, but proving that can be a dangerous game as assassins are dispatched to silence her voice once and for all. Later, Agent Grahame confronts Hum, who is camped out in front of the Saturn family base. He is going to prove that a dead man can’t bring about the apocalypse, but Hum isn’t so easy to kill. Defending himself and then slamming down his staff to the ground, Hum fulfills the second prophecy:  “The firmament will tremble, the hills shall be laid low and the valleys raised up”. Hum’s actions create a massive earthquake, with global repercussions. This fight is only beginning, and Hum has the upper hand.

Van Jensen continues this epic tale with excellent pacing, but without much subtlety. This title is an in your face adventure and does not apologize for it. While this creates a page turning romp, it sometimes leaves gaps in the area of character development. Pete Woods art style is glossy and attractive, giving you the feeling of watching a cut-scene from a video game. It is in a harmonious union with Jensen’s storytelling style. The pacing is so quick, the reader can digest the pages in mere moments, leaving you ready for more.

4 Bras out of 5

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