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Mr Robot S2:E8 Recap

Who run the world….


It’s Flashback time! We see the first time Darlene introduces Mobley to Trenton and before Darlene shows up it’s the most awkward flirting imaginable between the two. Of course, Trenton uses her adorableness to hack Mobley’s phone. If only they knew how far down the rabbit hole they were about to fall….

Hey, remember Susan Jacobs? ECorp’s senior legal counsel aka Madame Executioner? Remember how fSociety has been squatting in her house since episode one? Welp, apparently fSociety didn’t remember because guess who arrives home while the main crew is putting the FBI’s surveillance plans, in conjunction with ECorp, Google, Apple and a host of others, on blast?  

It’s 4th of July weekend and Darlene, Angela and Dom are spending their holiday being terrifying and brilliant in very different ways. One of the things I love about this show, out of many, is how it addresses in subtle and obvious ways the way women are treated. Especially smart, ambitious women. Every single woman on this show is highly intelligent and severely underestimated. Their accomplishments brushed off due to their looks, or their husbands, or their sexuality.  Heaven forfend they’re actually treated with the same respect their male colleagues are yet they still manage to get shite done. Not in spite of being women but because of it.

That is put on full display this episode as we find out just how brilliant Dom is; how vicious Angela can be; and how much of a stone cold, take no prisoners, do not mistake the pretty for being anything other than another weapon in her arsenal, utter beast Darlene is.  I won’t spoil it for you but let’s just say every time I think I know who the craziest/smartest person is on this show I am proved completely and utterly wrong.

Backup Files

  • It’s amazing how one thing can have such a ripple effect. Edward Alderson’s death literally changed the entire world. Think on that shite for a minute.
  • If Trenton dies I’m going to cut someone.
  • Until I get proof that Santiago’s hot af self isn’t involved with the Dark Army I’m going to continue to side eye him.
  • Dom’s instincts are right on point but whoo boy did she eff up the play.
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