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Review Brew: Generation Zero #1

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Francis Portela
Color Artist: Andrew Dalhouse
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Price: $3.50

Who are Generation Zero?

Valiant has been putting out some high-quality stuff recently, and this title definitely doesn’t disappoint. The story follows Keisha Sherman, as she tries to figure out the death of her boyfriend, and ends up asking the mysterious group “Generation Zero” for help.

Fred Van Lente’s writing style crafts a great story of how Keisha goes about finding the clandestine group, and subsequently get their attention, all while touching on some poignant topics like bullying, gender identity, and more. There a few things that I did take issue with, however. For one, Generation Zero is barely in the issue, only appearing late into the story. We’re only shown a few pages of them, but it was interesting to see them blend into a party without being notice. The other thing is, the conspiracy around Keisha’s boyfriend’s death is barely touched on by Mr. Van Lente.

Switching gears a bit, I feel like Francis Portela’s art is solid, and captures the feel of the script perfectly. Each character has their own individual look, and those looks fit their personalities quite well. The dynamic art allows each page to flow into the next, and it makes things very easy to follow.  Portela’s art style perfectly reflects the tone of the story with bold & phenomenal colors by Andrew Dalhouse – all of it showing how well the trio work together.

For a set-up issue, this is definitely a solid #1.  I can’t wait to get into the next installment of Generation Zero.

4 Animalias out of 5

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