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Review Brew: Horizon #2

Writer: Brandon Thomas
Art: Juan Gedeon
Colors: Frank Martin
Cover: Jason Howard
Skybound-Image Comics $2.99
Release: August 17, 2016

Creator Brandon Thomas unveiled his latest work last month in Horizon from Skybound/Image. We were introduced to Zhia, an alien warrior who was sent to Earth to fight back against the invaders of her home planet, Valius. The interesting twist is that we, human beings, are the aggressors.

**Mild Spoilers**

Issue 2 picks up the action in the great state of Kentucky, where Valius agent Davix is roaming the countryside, disguised as a human. He is soon set upon by a gang of thugs. Though outnumbered, Davix holds his own against the group, but just as the tide begins to turn in the human’s favor, Zhia makes a last minute save.

We learn that their mission is to rescue a captured Valius agent, Finn. They follow Finn’s homing beacon to a location in Iowa, where it looks like he ejected from his ship and touched down via chute. As the team approaches and neutralizes the human guards, they discovery that the beacon was a ruse and not the location of their downed comrade. With the trap set, human soldiers close in on them, but the Valius technology is too much for them. The storyline is set to continue both the rescue campaign for Finn and liberation of Valius.

Brandon Thomas is gaining speed with Horizon, creating a fascinating dystopian landscape that, while familiar within literature in recent years, is told from the perspective of the alien as victim, which makes it wholly unique. I am in love with Juan Gedeon’s art style. His lines, tones, and shadows have such a sharp edge to them, I swear they could cut you by looking at them. It is a raw style that conveys the apocalyptic landscape perfectly and coupled with Frank Martin’s colors, the book is a nightmare of conflict that you can’t look away from.

4.5 drones out of 5

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