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Review Brew: Horizon #1

Writer: Brandon Thomas
Art: Juan Gedeon
Colors: Frank Martin
Cover: Jason Howard
Skybound-Image Comics $2.99
July 13, 2016


The latest original story from Brandon Thomas (The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury) tells a tale of alien invasion. These aliens are not after power or conquest. They come to neighboring planets to consume every natural resource, and leave behind a desolate rock in their wake. We’ve heard this tale many times, with the inhabitants of Earth fighting back sinister forces to reclaim our planet and save mankind. Horizon spins a different take on the classic tale, as we are the menacing space invaders.

The pilot issue follows Zhia Malen of the planet Valius on a mission of retaliation against Earth, but the mission goes sideways as she crash lands in the Canadian wasteland. Her memory is spotty, and the universal translator is on the fritz. Malen uses the tools at her disposal (such as a matter conductor that allows her to appear human) to get supplies, find refuge in hotels, and finally make her way to Chicago to meet with a fellow operative from Valius to begin to put their plans in place.

This premiere issue is a slow burn, but an interesting concept. The idea of Earth being the antagonists in a galactic conquest story is much different than us always being the damsel in distress, and Thomas lays the groundwork with expert pacing. There isn’t an abundance of dialogue, but it isn’t necessary. Gedeon’s art carries the issue from cover to cover with sharp lines and dark shadowing, which convey a bleak future where the people of different planets fight for their right to exist.

Image (Skybound) is constantly on the cutting edge of story telling, and Horizon continues that trend. While this issue is a classic build up story, it builds a foundation of endless possibilities.


4 CAD out of 5

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