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Review Brew: Kingsway West #1

Magic meets the Old West

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Mirko Colak

Colorist: Wil Quintana

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Publisher: Mike Richardson

Editor: Spencer Cushing

Assistant Editor: Kevin Burkhalter

Designer: Ethan Kimberling

Digital Art Technician: Christina McKenzie

Cover Price: $3.99

Dark Horse Comics

Kingsway West is set in an alternate Wild West – or to be more accurate – late 1800’s in the area we know as California. In this world, the Gold Rush was different thanks to this mysterious mineral called “Red Gold”. Red Gold has mystic properties that have warped the area, animals and weather around it and can give humans extraordinary abilities. The main character of this tale is Kingsway Law, a former traitorous soldier in the war between the Chinese and Mexicans for the Red Gold. Kingsway gained notoriety for going against the Chinese Monarchy to liberate the miners of Red Gold. Five (plus) years after the end of the war, Kingsway has settled down with his wife Sonia and is trying to live a normal life. Everything is fine until a young woman comes looking for him.  This leads to a chain of events that pull the gunslinger back into action.

Kingsway West is extraordinary, and Greg Pak’s writing is truly phenomenal. He takes the familiar setting of the American Old West and creates a magical and bizarre landscape. The story is fast-paced and truly engaging, leaving the reader wanting more. Even the introduction of Kingsway is intriguing; he is a multilayered character, not a cookie-cutter hero type, which makes him far more interesting. Kingsway doesn’t want to be a killer anymore, what’s worse is he is forced back into action.  The dynamic of a man trying to leave the past behind and the young woman -Ah Toy- who needs that killer makes for an interesting story.  Mirko Colak’s artwork is outstanding, creating this gorgeous landscape of gunslingers, dragons, and bizarre vegetation. There are not enough adjectives to describe the true beauty of his art.

Kingsway West is a must-have comic book. From its artwork to its engaging story, this is one for your pull list. I give Kingsway West 5 Red Gold Coins out of 5!

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