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Mr Robot – S2:E6 Recap

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t read spoilers.


The cast and crew of Mr Robot have never been shy about their commitment to the premise of this show and that commitment is on full, crazy pants, ‘I cannot believe they pulled this off’, display in this episode.

Remember that kidnapping Elliot suffered from? If there was any doubt that Elliot’s getting the business his full immersion into his psyche via a crack filled Full House style road trip with his family dispels that. It’s an amazing sequence that gives us so much information about the Alderson family and none of it is good.

Out in the real world Darlene and Angela put their plan in motion but hit a few snags, namely the men in their lives, past and present. Oh and spotty wi-fi, the bane of all our existences. The ladies go all in, with Darlene tapping into her roots and Angela getting the trial by fire treatment, planting a virus on the ECorp servers that will allow them to spy on the FBI.  They almost pull it off but Dom spots Angela and since Dom’s no fool, expect them dots to start connecting. Especially as Dom, who (other than her boss) is the only survivor of the Beijing attack, is already running streets ahead of every other damn fool involved with tracking fSociety and piecing together their relation to the Dark Army.

Elliot finally comes to, in the hospital that’s probably owned by Ray, who is waiting for him. Ray, in his increasingly terrifying Demon!Yoda way, explains to Elliot that whether they realize it or not, everyone is a slave to a master. Everyone. Something that Cisco also learns the hard way when the Dark Army decides his loyalty is in question.

Oh, and Angela? Meets Cisco again via Darlene. She doesn’t drop the little bomb that he’s the one that messed up her life but if looks could kill….

This episode was a tour de force, from start to finish: nothing is to be taken for granted; every actor is one hundred percent on point; every scene and interaction lays out the groundwork for what comes next or ties up loose ends from not just the previous episode but the previous season.

This? Is how it’s done people.

Backup Files

  • But seriously, is Tyrell dead?!
  • GIDEON! I didn’t realize how much I missed having him, Shayla and Krista around full time until this episode. Please don’t kill Krista guys, I don’t think I can handle it.
  • Ray may have inadvertently caused his own destruction because Elliot and Mr Robot? Are fully merged now and all bets are off.

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