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Mr Robot – S2:E5 Recap

Worlds start colliding.


Don’t Blink

Elliot gets his swagger back, via working on Ray’s website, but that itch refuses to go away and he starts being Elliot all over everything, despite Mr Robot warning him it’s going to end poorly. He gets Ray’s henchman to bring in the dude who’s face got turned into hamburger and realizes that dude could’ve totally done what Ray wants Elliot to do, therefore they must be a reason he didn’t. Oh boy is there ever: Ray is death merchant of the highest caliber, with a little sex slave trading on the side. Elliot? Is not happy.

Hey Ladies

Our leading ladies spend the episode getting their ducks in a row: Darlene drops some truth on Angela telling her that Elliot covered her ass re: the C/D of doom that set off the whole 5-9 hack. Angela’s like, ‘Thanks. And?’ Darlene lets her know they need her to help them physically get into E Corp to deal with their FBI issue. At first Angela is not onboard but then she meets with Ollie’s shady ass and he tries to blackmail her and she’s all, ‘Sign me the hell up.’ Meanwhile Joanna is missing Tyrell and dealing with potential witnesses to whatever happened with Elliot and Tyrell in the most coldly efficient manner. It’s sexy as hell. Finally Dom gets sent to China to meet with their security council about the hack and The Dark Army and holy crap balls Zhang is the Minister of State Security. Well. Shite. Surprisingly she and Zhang make a truly lovely connection but that might not be enough to keep her from getting murdered. We’ll see.

There’s The Other Shoe

Finally, terrifyingly, Ray’s henchman isn’t as dumb as he looks and totally figured out that Elliot knows too much. This leads to Elliot being kidnapped and getting the Ramsay Bolton treatment as Ray watches and expresses his disappointment. Eeep.

Backup Files

  • A special shout out Mr Robot for being awesome and hanging with us on twitter!
  • As scary as Ray is, Darlene is going to hunt his ass down for touching her brother. Shite’s about to get real.
  • ‘Where’s the She-Devil?’ – Darlene on their mom, so apparently she is alive.
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