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Minecraft Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” Beta



“This week marked the first anniversary of “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” Beta. Since the Windows 10 Edition released last July, we have committed over 12,000 code check-ins, fixed over 6,000 bugs and released 15 updates with dozens of new features for our community, with lots more to come.
Over the last year, zombie villagers got upgraded wardrobes, while rabbits got new coats and headed out to the desert and snow biomes. Cauldrons learned how to dye armor, and somewhere along the way baby zombies even learned how to ride chickens (…um, watch out for that!), and Acacia villages started popping up in your worlds! While playing multiplayer with “Minecraft: Pocket Edition,” we let you travel to the nether, sail around in new boats, and create awesome things with a full range of Redstone capabilities. We’ve also added new mobs with each release and have a TON of DLC content to offer like the Biome Settlers Skin Pack and the recently released texture packs, making your Minecraft villages look like elaborate cities. Today we released a brand new Villains skin pack, and last month Realms made it easy for players on VR, Pocket Edition and Windows 10 to play together in persistent worlds which change and grow, even while you are away.
But this is just the beginning! We are excited to officially add Oculus Rift support to the “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” Beta via a free update coming in the next few weeks as a thank-you to our community for their continued support. If you own the Windows 10 Edition and an Oculus Rift, you can jump in and experience Minecraft in a whole new way very, very soon.
If you don’t own Windows 10 yet and are interested in trying Minecraft in VR – no need to fret! There’s still time to upgrade your PC to Windows 10. Just visit by July 29 and enjoy a free upgrade. If you don’t own Minecraft but do have Windows 10, let us know! We’re happy to share a download code for the “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” Beta. J
It’s been a fun year for us so far, and we hope you are having fun with us! To celebrate, we’re releasing this roller coaster map, available for free download at Thank you for playing!”
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