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Expelled from Paradise

Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from Paradise (2014)

Set in the future after a nano virus, dubbed the “Nano Hazard”, wipes out a majority of the human population. Those that are left have a choice to either abandon the planet and their flesh for life aboard DEVA, also known as “Paradise”, or stay on the surface and live a hard life. Some chose to stay. Something, or someone, known only as Frontier Setter begins to invade DEVA’s systems. DEVA system security agent Angela Balzac is tasked with tracking the breach and she does, tracking it back to the surface, which surprises her. She is called to “headquarters” and given a new mission, go to the surface and find Frontier Setter. GASP! That means she has to get a real flesh and bone body, something she has never had before.

She discovers that having a flesh body isn’t all that easy, like she thought it would be, especially since she sped up the process and stopped the aging at 16 rather than waiting for the adult version of her body.

In an attempt to keep this spoiler free… Angela completes her mission but at great cost to herself.

It seems to be a cautionary tale of what can happen in the distant future as we tinker with more and more nano technology. Like that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode when Wesley Crusher has a nanobot science project but they all escape and run amuck on the Enterprise? That’s what I imagine happened at the beginning of this movie even though it’s not really shown, or explained. The more we advance technology the easier life should get, right? We should never make life too easy. How will we learn our lessons? How will we learn to, well, live?

The story line is a good one, an unknown entity pushing back against a society that gives its citizens everything, yet keeps a class system in place and a security officer eager to prove herself to get that promotion. We can’t forget that it has a space battle and mecha-style combat suits! My favorite kind of anime!

So, where has this movie been all my life? It was released in 2014 and currently resides on Netflix (with subtitles).

The Toei Company holds all media rights worldwide, watch it while you can!

I give this anime, 5 out of 5 stars.

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