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DC Rapid Fire Reviews

Still in the thick of “Rebirth,” DC Comics has unleashed a firehose of titles on us between bi-weekly publishing and a new #1 almost every week. Although we’ve had a few in-depth reviews, it’s becoming a little insane to cover all of them. Therefore, here’s some quick coverage of the books we didn’t go into extreme detail on.

Action Comics #960 (Dan Jurgens/Tyler Kirham): The Superman books have been in a weird swap since the switcheroo between New 52 Superman and Pre-Flashpoint Superman, and while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the books have been in no rush to answer that to their detriment. The latest issue of Action Comics continues the never ending battle between Doomsday and Superman’s 90s nostalgia. Tyler Kirkham has done better work, but between having to take over for Patrick Zircher, and the rushed schedule, the look serves no one. While I did enjoy Jurgens’ previous book with the Superman family, this one isn’t quite living up to it so far, and the cracks in the DC bi-weekly shipping are starting to show.

Rating: two Supermen out of five.

Detective Comics #937 (James Tynion IV/Alvaro Martinez): While Batman is dealing squarely with the legacy of the Dark Knight in Gotham City, Detective manages to do something similar without overlapping in the re-formation of the Batman family. Putting most of the focus on the more neglected members of the family like Red Robin, Batwoman, Spoiler, and Orphan has been a great move, and the idea at play with what the Colony plans to do is one of the more unique ideas surrounding copycat Batmen. Tynion manages to take what the two Eternal books and produced, and given these characters the spotlight they deserve. While other books have suffered a bit from the artist turnover, Detective has kept a good look for itself with Alvaro Martinez thus far, anyone looking for a Bat-Family book is going to be pleased.

Rating: Four bats out of five belfrys.

Flash #3 (Joshua Williamson/Carmine Di Giandomenico): I must confess: I’m not what you’d call a die-hard Barry Allen fan, but so far Joshua Williamson has been doing a great job of doing the super-CSI stories that everyone says they’ll do with Barry Allen, but actually making it thrilling. While more super-speed might make for a case of trivializing the hero, in this case it helps to define why Barry (and both Wally Wests) can exist in a world with an abundance of speedsters, especially when the eventuality of people who’ll use their powers for bad reasons immediately rears it’s head. While you wouldn’t have thought of it beforehand: Carmine Di Giandomenico immediately cements himself as a top Flash artist, especially in a medium that’s done every way of showing a speedster’s abilities there is, it’s always refreshing to see a fresh set of eyes on it, especially with hundreds of them. Definitely the Flash run we’ve deserved, now just throw some Wally in there.

Rating: Four godspeeds out of five.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1 (Robert Vendetti/Rafa Sandoval): When last we saw Hal Jordan, he was fresh off sporting a godawful costume and gauntlet, thankfully that’s all over and done with, and the comic sets about restoring the Green Lantern Corps to the status quo you’re most familiar with. While that may sound like a negative sentence, in this case sometimes the rubber band needs to snap back, especially when it deals with one of the more interesting ideas to pop up in Cullen Bunn’s Sinestro series with the Sinestro Corps replacing an absent Green Lantern Corps as the prime authority in space. That idea of someone as tyrannical as Sinestro finally getting what he wants is taken to its natural conclusion, even if it feels a tad more mustache-twirling than what Bunn would’ve done. Given the bouncing between events and gimmicks the last few years of Green Lantern comics have had, it’s nice to see something that’s at least trying to be more defined as to what it wants. Rafa Sandoval adds a look that helps find it’s own path on the new start, hopefully this team gets to find it’s footing for the long-term.

Rating: Three parallaxes out of five.

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