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Some of Marvel Comics’ biggest unanswered questions

Superhero comics are a serial medium, we all know that. Things happen, things change, things reset. With such an influx of talent going on for so long, particularly in the case of DC and Marvel, questions can get answered in an unsatisfactory way, or sometimes not at all. Today let’s look at some of the biggest unanswered questions recently in Marvel Comics.

What did Nick Fury whisper to Thor?

thor fury

For the last few years, the current Thor has been Jane Foster. Her predecessor, the original Thor only lost his status due to having lost his hammer, thanks to Nick Fury who at the end of Original Sin. The question on our lips is just what did an old man say to break Thor so badly he couldn’t be worthy anymore? Was it an insult? That he would have a gross depression beard? We’re all dying to know, Marvel.

Whatever Happened to Kaine Parker?


This is a new version of an oldie but goodie. Up till a few years back, Kaine was consistently in limbo until he was brought back for the Brand New Day era of Spider-Man. He even became a nominally good guy as the new Scarlet Spider until he was killed and resurrected at the end of Spider-Verse… only to not show up again over the last year. So the question is, will Kaine spend as long of a time in limbo as last time? Or can we expect to see him again soon?

 What heroes are really HYDRA agents?


In the midst of all the HYDRA Cap chaos, there’s been a big plot point forgotten in the chaos. One of the big hooks of Rick Remender’s initial All-New Captain America arc was the infiltration of HYDRA agents in every superhero team. And when the dust settled in that arc, there was more than a big hint that Misty Knight was one such HYDRA agent. Come Nick Spencer’s run, and so far, nothing has come of that. So the question is, whatever happened to all those HYDRA agents lying in wait? Truth or lie?

 Speaking of HYDRA…Who is funding S.H.I.E.L.D?


One of the stranger questions of the Marvel Universe is just who cuts the checks for S.H.I.E.L.D? While it’s always been presented as a UN-based organization, it always seems to have recruited from and operates on behalf of U.S. interests.  Jonathan Hickman did address that at the end of his seminal Secret Warriors series where the organization was restored with baby steps being taken with the US picking up the slack. However, that’s gotten a bit murkier these days with the comics taking cues from the movies, and the introduction of counter-organizations like China’s S.P.E.A.R. So the question we have is just where does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand on that geopolitical fence these days?

How did Doc Samson return from the dead?


In the last five or so years, Doc Samson has been killed and resurrected many more times than we should count.   During the Dark Reign storyline he was thought to be dead after being hurled out of a plane by Ghost, then he reappeared in the Hulked-Out Heroes story and was killed helping Hulk, then he returned again during the Chaos War and then returned to death. But somehow out of nowhere, he just randomly shows up in Civil War II like nothing happened and yet no one, except us readers, wants to know how.

Who is F.A.C.A.D.E.?


We saved our biggest question for last, and that question is thusly. What is the true identity of the person who wears the Full Acclimation Combat and Defence Explo-skeleton or F.A.C.A.D.E? One of the biggest unanswered subplots in Spider-Man history not counting the Spider-Baby anyway, is the identity of F.A.C.A.D.E.  A question which was never answered after one really bad first appearance. So the question is, will we ever know? Maybe it’s best if we don’t.

Again, these are but a few questions that need answering.  if you have some of the answers or a good hypothesis, please leave them in the comments section below along with a few other questions that Marvel has yet to satisfactorily answer.

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2 Comments on Some of Marvel Comics’ biggest unanswered questions

  1. 1. Thor was told: “You are not Thor…” by Old Nick Fury. This is the only thing that makes sense. It would not be the first time Thor found out he wasn’t necessarily the ONLY Thor around. See: Red Norvell. I also suspect Odin isn’t Odin either. He couldn’t lift Mjolnir? WTF?… Something is definitely fishy in Asgardia…

    2. Kaine Parker, a.k.a. The Scarlet Spider: Who cares? There are enough spider-connected heroes around; Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, and Silk so that we don’t need Kaine Parker as a poor-man’s version of Spider-Man.

    3. We will discover the rest of those HYDRA agents just around the same time we forget about Captain HYDRA. There will always be double-agents as long as fear and paranoia can raise book sales. Hail HYDRA!

    4. More than likely SHIELD still draws its funding from powerful multinational corporations and allied governments who don’t think any one nation should have access to literally the most advanced technology on the planet. (Or stolen from off-planet…)

    Much of what makes SHIELD what it is, has been their securing of technology from off-world. No one is willing to allow that technology to fall into the primary technological timeline unless everyone can have it at once. Since no one can be trusted NOT to abuse it, SHIELD is the perfect compromise.

    No one will admit to officially revealing how much SHIELD is getting but given the real threat of alien invasion no longer being just an idea but an actual fact, someone will always be willing to throw money at the organization.

    5. Doc Sampson is the living authority of what is possible with Gamma-Irradiated beings, having dedicated more time to the research than anyone else. He has not had to dodge crazed military commanders, nor has he ever had to plan to take over the world (like the Leader) and he has always had generous funding from multiple sources.

    More than likely, he already knows what I have surmised and what was hinted by Peter David during one of his Hulk runs. Gamma-beings aren’t just tough, they are likely unable to be killed by conventional means. Throw him out of a plane and he makes a nice crater and eventually gets up. Unless you atomize him or any gamma being, I don’t see how you can possibly kill them with conventional techniques.

    6. The F.A.C.A.D.E armor and who is wearing it is beneath our notice. It doesn’t use Stark Tech or Iron Man would have sought it out during the Armor Wars. It doesn’t use anyone’s proprietary armor technology because people have become very proprietary about that since the Armor Wars. If it were really bad-ass, we would have seen it since then, so it is likely only slightly better than average armor you could find on the Marvel black market.

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