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Preacher Review: Come Hell or Ratwater

“We want you to kill someone” – Fiore  

We pick up where we left off last week, with Sheriff Meat Loaf arresting Jesse and subtly intimating that he believes Jesse killed Eugene. Jesse decides to exit stage left and jumps from the car, but not before telling the sheriff he’ll see him for mass on Sunday. Well, that was easy.

Fiore and DeBlanc, out of ideas and options decide to make their way to hell – where their mysterious plan B for extracting Genesis from Jesse is located. And how do they get to Hell, you ask? An inter-dimensional travel agency, obvs. This whole scene between the angels and the travel agent is great comedy, and had me wishing the show let the comedic stylings of the angels loose more often. Before they leave, they once again discuss calling heaven, but don’t because Fiore is afraid heaven will be angry and separate them. Awwwwwwwww. They ultimately decide to risk making the call, as opposed to travelling to hell, but when they go to pick up the bat-phone, it’s gone. Wonder who has it….?

Meanwhile, Cassidy has a nasty sunburn from his whole “step into the sun to prove something” moment with Jesse. The ever gracious Tulip is helping Cassidy heal by decimating the animal population of Annville. But, she’s got things to do, like kill Carlos (back to this now? They do love jumping around on this show) so she enlists Emily to help her.

Watching Emily feed a squirming guinea pig to feral (although not as feral as in the comic) Cassidy is…uncomfortable. But she’s handled the whole vampire thing well, no? That seems a bit odd. But not as odd as her suddenly calling her kinda-sorta boyfriend Miles, over so Cassidy can eat him. What the what? I mean, he’s not the greatest dude, but that seemed harsh.

Miles’s death does, however, serve a purpose. Jesse (after rather flippantly shrugging at the murder of Miles) and Cassidy dispose of the body together – where we find out that Jesse did indeed put Cassidy out when he was burning. Just “not quick enough”, as Jesse puts it.

“You put me out. That’s what matters.” – Cassidy

Besties! Anyway, with that behind them, Jesse and Cassidy devise a bat-sh*t crazy plan to use the hand of an angel (the Seraphim) to use the bat-phone, to call Heaven, where Jesse will use The Word to force God to appear. Ohhhhhhhh-kay. What could go wrong? We’ll see next week.

Back to the Highway to Hell, Plan B is someone we know pretty well by now:  The Cowboy aka The Saint of Killers. When we see him, he’s back in Ratwater executing a whole bar full of people. Then we see him do it again. And again. Each time he destroys the bar, the action is sped up, like he’s living in a time loop – which of course, he is: forced to live the same tragic tale over and over again. This sequence was well produced and does an excellent job of putting us in the Cowboy’s head. This was another dazzling set piece in a season filled with them. Round and round the Cowboy goes, and perhaps it would have continued on this way forever…if DeBlanc and Fiore hadn’t shown up. Turns out heaven’s freelance assassins have a job opening, and all you have to do is kill the Preacher.

As most penultimate episodes go, this one does a good job at moving all the players – most notably Jesse and the Cowboy, into place for next week’s finale. This show has been good, but also subject to some head scratching narrative gaps, like not really seeing any fallout between Jesse and Cassidy from Cassidy’s sunbath; Emily’s reaction – or lack of thereof – to Cassidy’s nature; and Jesse’s nonchalant attitude toward Emily pretty much murdering Miles. I get that this show is crazy, but gaps in narrative and out of character decisions are jarring, and a bit sloppy. However, Fiore and DeBlanc were stellar throughout the episode (I’d completely watch a buddy cop show with these two knuckleheads as the stars) and the sequence with the Cowboy in Hell was fantastic. I’m ready for the showdown between Jesse and the Saint next week. Bring it on.

2.5 out of 5 Arsefaces

Preacher’s Notes

  • Tulip finds Carlos and has him tied up when she receives a rather emotional call from Jesse where he admits she’s the only girl for him. Kinda weird based on the way he’s been treating her. It felt a little out of left field, but was done to establish them as star-crossed lovers. Meh.
  • Sheriff Meat Loaf finds the Seraphim that Fiore and DeBlanc have been hiding in their tub, minus arms and legs. She begs him to kill her, which he tearfully does, not knowing she’ll reanimate. This was a good scene for W.Earl Brown and kinda made me wish he was used a little more.
  • Wanna go to Hell? Turns out, it’s an affordable vacation spot – according to Fiore and DeBlanc’s travel itinerary: $348.50.


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