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Iron Man goes Black and the Internet as always accommodates

We already knew that Riri Williams’ appearance was going to impact the Iron Man pantheon.  We just didn’t realize how wrong we were.  Initially, based on what was presented, I speculated that Marvel would be replacing the late James Rhodes with Miss Williams. Of course no one batted an eye, but that was until today’s announcement that not only would Riri Williams become a major player in the Iron Man pantheon, but become Iron Man herself.  Beyond the announcement, no one knows in what capacity this will be.  We don’t know how much she will be involved in Stark Industries, if she is getting her own armor, using Tony’s armor or what.  This, of course, did not stop the internet from (over) reacting.  With some of the usual reactions that had come about, I had thoughts about weighing out the pros and cons for this post but, to be honest, these are the same arguments that many of us have seen since Miles Morales was announced, Jane Foster picked up Mjolnir, Sam took Steve’s shield and so much more.  Some people are very single minded and myopic and no matter how much sense one tries to make, many won’t listen.

Sidebar, there was one time that Rhodey took over for Tony back in the 80s and it worked out rather well.  The world did not end and it was a rather great story line. So, nearly 30+ years later we are really freaking out about another Black person doing the same?   Please…have all of the seats.


Some of the comments on Twitter welcome change, some fear and hate change and a few have some cogent points about the creative team surrounding this change.  So, rather than write another missive about why people need to chill with change,  and diversity,  It’s simply easier to show you readers a sample of the reactions.  Sorry that we had to blur out the names but, we had to protect the innocent and the ignorant alike. If you want to see them uncensored, just head over  and you will find plenty of comments on this issue. But hey…as we squabble about a fictional black girl in comics let’s not forget about real life issues such as this one.


  • There are those who are genuinely happy about this move

girl power




  • There are some who question the creative direction





black artist

happy girl


  • There are some who I even question if they know the difference between films and comics

dont read

  •  Maybe this person never bothered to ask how did people like Superman, Spider-man and so many others wore their costume under their clothes and no one was the wiser.  Also it shows that he has no idea how Black hair works because Black hair can do amazing things…


  • Sweetie, the world won’t end with this or your exit.



There you have it.  A small glimpse on how people react when change occurs yet again in a medium that has been changing and evolving for nearly 100 years. While some welcome it, others question while another bloc of people fear and can’t handle change.











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