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Game of Thrones S6 : Finale Recap

It’s so hard to say goodbye….

Welcome PCU Fanatics, to our final Game of Thrones weekly recap for Season 6. That’s right the no chill season has finally come to an end, and what an ending it was!


Thanks to the white raven flying in the episode, we know for sure that “Winter is here”, as the seasons have changed, so has the landscape of Westeros.  With a new King of the North, a new person on the Iron Throne and the coming of Khaleesi the dynamics of power are shifting. Now before I get into the finale, I would like to take some time and look back at some of the highlights of this season.

They started from the bottom now there here!

After running away from Ramsey Bolton, Sansa gained a loyal knight in the form of Brienne, and an army thanks to Littlefinger. She has shown herself to be quite like her mother, shrewd, cold and calculating, but loyal to her family. Arya who suffered through hellish training, escaped death and dealt with loss has become a true agent of vengeance.

Daenarys was a slave at the start of the season only to return to Meereen with an army of Dothraki people and now a fleet of ships thanks to the Greyjoy siblings. Cersei has was at her lowest at the beginning of the season, but this season was about how you can’t keep a Lannister down as we witness her rise to power.

Deaths, Deaths and more Deaths

This season we have seen a lot of deaths, some have been quite satisfying (Ramsey Bolton, “The Waif”) and some not so much (Hodor, Rickon Stark). We even seen the dead killing the living, it’s been totally insane!

Many Happy Returns!!

This season also had the return of many characters, such as the Hound, Walder Fray, The Brotherhood without Banners, Bryndon and Edmure Tully. Some of these returns were more significant than others, but all were surprising to see.

WTF moments galore!

From the creation of the Night King, Jon Snow’s resurrection, and Bran’s visions of his dad to so much more. This season has kept all of us on our collective toes, as were all glued to our TVs wondering what would happen next. From deaths to revelations it has been one incredible roller coaster ride.

Now just before we all have to deal with the bitter cold of a life without the “Great Game”. Let’s recap tonight’s episode. If you want to check out the entire season’s recaps you can right here. Now without further ado let’s get this party started!


And this is why you don’t mess with a Lannister!

Judgement day has arrived for Loras Tyrell and Cersei Lannister. It seems just about everyone in King’s Landing has gathered together in the Sept to witness the trial. Loras confesses his sins, and gives his life to the faith, the High Sparrow accepts his confession, yet Cersei and Tommen are strangely absent. That’s because Cersei set into motion the greatest house cleaning event ever in television history. Using Maester Qyburn’s “little birds” she kills Grand Maester Pycelle, and sets off the stock pile of dragonfyre under the Sept incinerating everyone in attendance. This included Loras, Margaery and their father Mace which kills off most of the Tyrell family. Her final bit of payback came when Cersei had Unella locked in a cell Cersei then fully confesses killing the High Sparrow and going as far to tell Unella how good it felt. She then calls in “The Mountain” to give Unella a very slow and extremely painful death.

“Sacrifice will make you a good ruler”.

Davos finally confronts Melisandre for the death of Shireen Baratheon- Stannis’ daughter- in front of Jon. Jon then sends Melisandre away to never return to the north on penalty of death.

Cersei finds out that Tommen took a swan dive out his window, now childless she sends word to cremate Tommen and be placed with her other children. Daenerys has the talk with Daario – no not that one- the “it’s not you it’s me” breakup talk. She lets him know that he won’t be going on the Khaleesi conquers Westeros tour, and that he must keep the peace in Meereen.

Goodbye Walder Fray

Following the victory over the Blackfish, Walder Fray throws a feast, boasting of their triumph and union.  Jamie calls into question why should the Lannisters continue to support the Frays seeing as they were absolutely useless. After Jamie and his army head back to King’s Landing, we see Walder alone with a new servant girl. The girl who is actually Arya in disguise, serves Walder a slice of pie with a “special filling”-his sons, delicious- she then slits Walder’s throat getting revenge for the deaths of her mother and brother.

“That is highly irregular”

Sam and Gilly finally make it to the Citadel to become the Maester of the Night’s Watch.  As Sam and Gilly make their way to the front desk, Sam comes face to face with an enemy he wasn’t prepared for…bureaucracy.  Yet even though he still has some paperwork to get sorted, Sam is allowed to use the library. Wait…I said that wrong I meant The Library. This grand structure looked to contain the complete history of the world on its shelves, Sam along with the rest of us were awestruck from the brilliance.

Sansa and Littlefinger have a heart to heart where he finally tells Sansa his ‘true feelings’ of love and the desire to sit upon the Iron Throne. Sansa doesn’t accept his advance, but has that stopped Littlefinger before?

Olenna Tyrell meets with Ellaria Sand in Dorne. Olenna has come to receive aid in crushing Cersei for the death of her son and grandchildren. Just as the talk wraps up Varys appears offering the idea of a larger alliance with Daenarys.

You are all in the Great Game now!

As Jamie returns to Kings Landing, he sees the smoking remains of the Sept.  Rushing to the capital he witnesses the crowning of Cersei as the Queen of the Iron Throne. The bewildered look in Jamie’s eyes were priceless, I can’t wait to see how this affects their relationship.

Daenarys Targaryen finally has everything she wants a fleet, a loyal army, and alliances. Which is the perfect time for Tyrion and Daenarys to have a heart to heart. Tyrion confesses his admiration of her and pledges his loyalty to her, as she makes him “Hand of the Queen”.

Sansa and Jon reconcile their differences, just before setting foot in front of the families of the North. Thanks to the harsh words from the baddest 10yr old ever – Lady Mormont- the families proclaim Jon – “King of the North”.

So wait that means Jon Snow is really….

Aside from Cersei’s vengeance, and Tommen’s failed WWE audition, the other big WTF moment of the night came from Bran’s last vision of his father. Bran sees Ned with his sister Lyanna who just gave birth, Lyanna tells Ned the child’s name and has him promise to protect him as his own. That’s right folks we finally get to see who Jon’s mother is! So Jon isn’t Ned’s son, but also looks like he is a Targaryen and believe or not Daenarys’ nephew…phew that was a lot to take!!!

Wow, what an episode, how do you score something this epic? I can only give tonight’s episode and the season itself 5 Kings out of 5. This entire season has been out of bounds, if you’re like me and looking for ways to beat the Game of Thrones blues check out this article here.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode and the season in general? Let us know in the comments below, and as always stay with PCU for all Game of Thrones news.

See you next season!





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