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PCU Declassified: E3 2016 – Where is the Gameplay?

In this episode, Ben is going by Harry and Mansa to discuss one of the best weeks of the year: E3!

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We discuss the 5 major press conferences (EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony) and Nintendo’s Treehouse streams. They share their thoughts on the games shown, the hardware announced and the general state of gaming.

Join us for this double sized episode as there was a lot to discuss.

NOTE: there is a weird clicking noise in the base audio that was recorded, I tried to edit this out but after 4 hours and trying everything I know, I was only able to remove some of them, you have my apologies.

Declassified is a podcast that uses Adult language and may discuss Adult themes. You have been warned.

Ben’s contact info:
Twitter: @BobTGoldfish

Harry’s Contact info:
Twitter: @BishopCosplay

Mansa’s Contact info
Twitter: @M_Herndon19

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