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Titan Licenses “Robotech” Comic

Titan Comics has added to their impressive licensed comic line, which contains titles such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Assassin’s Creed. It was announced that they have partnered with Harmony Gold USA and will be releasing a Robotech comic come early 2017.

Robotech was an after school cartoon released by Harmony Gold USA in 1984. It was comprised of three different animes edited together to tell an epic saga, which spanned three generations. The series comprised of warring with aliens, love, awesome transforming vehicles, music, and the energy source known as Protoculture.

It’s a series with a devoted fan base that keeps it alive.  An attempt to make a sequel series, Robotech II, never made it past the straight to VHS, movie phase. Additional sequel movies were released in 2012, Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles, and 2013, Robotech: Live Love Alive.  There’s even been talk of a live action Robotech film since 2007. Though never officially signed, at one point James Wan was tied to the project as director.

This isn’t Robotech’s first comic. DC Comics, Comico, Eternity Comics, Academy Comics, Antarctic Press, and Wildstorm have printed Robtech tales before. Robotech’s most recent comic was a mash-up done by Dynamite Entertainment, Robotech/Voltron, which released in 2014.

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