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Review Brew: Lazarus #22

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Michael LarkGreg Rucka’s Lazarus has proven to be a delightful demonstration in world building and character development that has few rivals on the shelves. The book is this strange balance between slow burn suspense and top notch alternate future sci-fi that, even in an “okay” issue, is relentlessly entertaining in the way a weekly HBO drama would. Now, we can rejoice because this masterpiece is back from its brief vacation.
Issue #22 opens up, beginning a new chapter where the Carlyle family is regrouping after a battle that had critical costs and must decide how to take the fight to their enemies. Rucka’s narrative style with this book is a double edged sword. It’s a very nuanced approach that I only know how to compare to a game of Risk, perhaps. The pieces are all assembled, you’ve got the map laid out in front of you and there’s a moment where you have to stop and take inventory before the next assault. Well, this issue is basically that moment. Granted, this slow burn storytelling may not be for everyone because you come out with the occasional issue (like this one) that isn’t quite as exciting. However, some people see the forest and some people see the trees and odds are, much like the previous story arc, everything will be much easier to appreciate in trade paperback. Visually, Michael Lark is A+ artistic talent that isn’t given as many opportunities to really spread his wings like usual. We get a couple of intense moments during the action beats, but it still feels like squandering some of the strongest pencil work in the business.
Bottom Line: This issue, being primarily a setup checkpoint in the plot, isn’t the most exciting but it still represents the kind of narrative style that makes Lazarus a solid Rucka offering.
3.5 Nerdy Board Game References out of 5.
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