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Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence is a refreshingly simple yet hilarious movie. A true must see.

Central Intelligence is probably the funniest buddy movie I have seen since the 80s.

It’s no spoiler here that this movie’s plot has a base dealing with bullying and body shaming but at no time do they make light of the situation by joking about it. It is handled extremely carefully and sensitively to those who have been bullied in the past yet you still are allowed to laugh, laugh, laugh. I applaud the writers for being able to navigate through such a sensitive issue and still be respectful to that issue.

The movie starts off with Bob having the worst day of his life while Calvin is having the best day ever during their high school Senior Assembly. Speed up 20 years to find their class reunion (as well as a little spy espionage) has brought the guys back together.

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Calvin is living a good life with his loving high school sweetheart wife but it’s not the life he expected. Everyone has outshined the Golden Jet, even Bob, who fell off the grid for 20 years returning with a new identity and a Mr. Universe body. Without giving too much away, Bob realizes that Calvin is in a rut and starting to self destruct, but while fixing Calvin’s issues Bob realizes he hasn’t addressed his own. This is evident when the two seek help from Bob’s former bully. The visit brings back painful memories and momentarily crushes his confidence.

While the plot is weak at points that’s okay because humor is what drives this movie. Kevin Hart brings his stand up storytelling style to the big screen and it just works. Dwayne Johnson goes from the perfect straight man to a complete comedic fool. For a majority of the movie I laughed so hard my stomach felt like I tried to do crunches. A lot of the comedies coming out lately are dark and emotionally heavy but not this one. This one is a refreshingly simple yet hilarious movie. A true must see.

I give this movie 5 fanny packs out of 5.

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