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Review Brew: Manifest Destiny #20

Writer: Chris Dingess

Artist: Matthew Roberts

Colors: Owen Gieni

After reading this new issue, the story comes full circle. Seeing the skull being reintroduced into the story is a breath of fresh air. After fighting various creatures and cataloging them, more than just one skull is uncovered. The story switches between the first and second expedition, with emphasis on the former. The introduction of Arturo Maldonado is short, but gives you enough to see what happened to his crew. He even explains why he appeared before Captain Helm of the first expedition. Also, him being one of the first apparitions to appear in the series, adds an air of mystery to him. The story flows well, and the character interactions are good. Story progression is slow for Lewis and Clark’s portion of the issue, but the crew does come across things we may see in the first expeditions story. The end of the issue is definitely going to make the next issue interesting

The art for Manifest Destiny is still top notch, and characters look great. You see that Matthew Roberts makes the characters seem they have been through hell. The design for the Sasquatch creature was an interesting change because it was more akin to a cyclops than an ape. The change actually makes the creature seem menacing, but at the same time look majestic. Environments are highly detailed, and when Helm and Arturo are together, the environment changes quite a bit. Trees bend and curve around them and makes it seem like Helm entered another world. The colors by Owen Gieni makes the issue look amazing.

Manifest Destiny #20 hasn’t disappointed me yet and continues to bring more mystery to the series. The story, art, and colors are impeccable. I can’t wait to see how the next issue begins.

4.5 Sasquatches out of 5

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