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Preacher: Exploring “The Possibilities”

You’re a Jedi. – Cassidy 

After watching the first two episodes of Preacher, I was wondering when the writing team was going to make a concerted effort to streamline things into a somewhat coherent storyline. Turns out, I didn’t have to wait long.

The Possibilities” begins in Houston, as Tulip is meeting with a woman named Dani regarding the map she has in her possession. Tulip hands the map over to Dani in exchange for the last known location of Carlos, a former criminal colleague who screwed Jesse and Tulip over. Tulip clearly has some revenge on her mind.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Dani, after getting the map from Tulip hands it over to a man in a white suit who’s spending his day taking in a lovely snuff porn feature (no, really). Viewers have no way of knowing who he is, but Preacher comic readers had to be collectively squee-ing. More teasing.

We then shift to everyone’s favorite pair of angelic assassins, Fiore and Deblanc, who are very much alive despite being murdered last week. They’re talking to Sheriff Meat Loaf, er, Root, trying to get him to stay out of their way as they chase something that “got loose”. That’s one way of putting it.

Speaking of something getting loose – we see the effect Jesse’s power has already had on Annville. The girl in the coma, whom Jesse visited last week, did indeed open her eyes, but that’s all that happened. She’s still a vegetable just one with her eyes open. At one point Donnie Schenk sees Linus and there is a cool moment where two of Jesse’s…victims…almost seem to acknowledge the Preacher’s growing power, even if they aren’t aware of the acknowledgement.

Later, in a scene that speaks to Jesse’s general lack of friends, after Cassidy finds our Preacher sitting in darkness in the Church Jesse chooses to confide in him. What follows is a fantastically funny conversation in which Jesse convinces Cassidy that the power in him is real, by making Cassidy do several things, including sing Johnny Cash and confess to liking Justin Bieber. Cassidy, for his part, tries to explain Jesse’s power by comparing him to both Jason Bourne and the Jedi. Gotta love this guy. It’s a stellar relationship building moment, concluding with Cassidy musing about the possibilities at having such a power. Something tells me Cassidy’s thoughts aren’t entirely pure.  The conversation was the highlight of the episode.

This episode we see Jesse, bless his heart, trying not to give in to his darker self, but the allure of righteous justice is almost too much. Fiore and Deblanc and the Irish vampire having a much needed conversation regarding Jesse and a humdinger of a moment between Jesse and Donnie in a gas station bathroom.

This was a much more linear episode of Preacher, but that isn’t a bad thing. With less complete and utter insanity in this hour, we got a little more character building between Jesse and Cassidy and more light shed on Jesse and Tulip’s past. We’ve seen Jesse get more and more intense each week, and I’m curious to see where that intensity goes now that he’s reached some sort of understanding regarding his power.

Pastor’s Notes

  • We briefly see Quincannon again, this time taking pleasure in the sound of cattle being slaughtered. That’s just lovely.
  • I want to mention the man in the white suit again. If played well he could be one of the best villains ever.
  • The Preacher comic had a very western feel to it, and I thought this episode captured that the best of the three episodes that have aired thus far.
  • There was live coverage of Tom Cruise’s funeral on one of the televisions in the background. Funny stuff.
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  1. Not sure if my comic readership is betraying me, but I had a bit of trouble following the larger narrative in this ep. I’m not advocating for a Basil Exposition moment, but it feels like the pieces are being introduced haphazardly. It may just be that I’m longing for another trip back to the Old West like we got last week, though.


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