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Preview the new season of CW? Sure!

The CW’s 2016-2017 season preview direct from the River City Comic Expo!

Our panel members:

Phil Hester

Mike Norton

Justin Nickels

Frank O. Butler (Local CW insider)

DJ Williams (former Green Bay Packer and Washington Redskin ‘local boy done good’)

2016-2017 Line-up:

Arrow Renewed

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Renewed

The Vampire Diaries – Renewed

Supernatural (Still there… Let’s see how many times Sam & Dean can die this season!)

Jane the Virgin – Renewed

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Renewed

Flash – Renewed


The panel addressed Supergirl’s move from CBS to the CW for the second season. Not to worry, it’ll still be on Monday night in the same time slot as it was on CBS, 8pm ET/7pm CT.

The panel also addressed speculations about a Flash/Supergirl romance. After Melissa Benoist weighed in on the subject, I’m inclined to agree with her: Barry and Kara are too much alike. All but one panelist was down with a relationship. Frank, our local CW “insider”, explained that when they introduced Flash in Supergirl on CBS he was from a different Earth so as it stands the relationship could work.

Queries were made as to why Kara hid her powers for so long but Frank explained, for those that hadn’t seen the show. (There were a few in the audience that had NOT seen it. WHAT?!?) The panel also discussed a possible Smallville return. With the inclusion of Superman in the season 2 premier it is a possibility and something that Phil and Mike (both of whom have worked for DC) want. Smallville really opened up the comic book world on the small screen for the CW and it helped lay the groundwork for Arrow with Oliver Queen’s various appearances through the seasons.

No mention of how the Flash/Arrow yearly crossover will be affected by the addition of Supergirl. However, the previous mention that Supergirl and Flash are on different Earths could mean absolutely nothing for Arrow! Got that? Splendid! We’re on a “wait and see” holding pattern.*

Frank said that he heard rumors of a Booster Gold movie and it’s been confirmed (by me and my handy subscription) to be in development via IMDBpro with a tentative release in 2018, so there you have it.

All the panelists agree that there needs to be show with Nightwing. (Me too. Hm, maybe I should get on that and get a spec out there… any thoughts on that? Let me know here.)


This show is based on the 2000 movie. The difference? They swapped the gender of the child from male to female. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie and I don’t recall the ending so I can’t spoil it for you, but I can predict that this show, being based on the movie that wasn’t open ended, won’t last very long.

However, it looks fantastic! Haven’t seen the movie? No problem, here’s the basic premise…a young girl loses her father who happens to be a cop. She grows up to be a cop, living in the house she grew up in, complete with her dad’s old ham radio. The radio plays a big part in the storyline of the show and is where our time travel element comes in. After a lightning strike to the antenna she can talk to her dad in the past and she ends up screwing up the timeline.

No Tomorrow:

This is a new rom-com premiering this fall. Sorry folks, no more Galavant. Galavant himself, Joshua Sasse, is the star of the show and it looks hysterical. The premise: If a meteor is going to strike in a little over 8 months, how are you going to live? Our panelists said that it looked like the leads had good chemistry and I concur. We hope it will last past one season!

Spring 2017

iZombie returns

Riverdale: (mid-season premier)

Come on, I know what you’re thinking… “Is this THAT Riverdale?” Yes, it’s THAT Riverdale. You’ll meet a darker version of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the crew. Unfortunately there was no preview but The CW Street Team did get a sneak peek and said it was like Cruel Intentions meets Pleasantville. Will we see Josie and the Pussycats? We’ll have to wait and see.

Check your local CW affiliate for the times of your favorite shows!

*Side note…the preview that they showed was the season one Flash/Supergirl crossover further cementing the fact that Flash and Supergirl are in different universes.

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