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Game of Thrones S6: E7 Recap

The Blackfish is a beast and Margaery is the ultimate player.

Welcome back PCU Fanatics! We see the return of a fan favorite, Cersei getting told off like a child, and the current power in the name Stark. There’s a lot of  vengeance to be served, but with only 3 episodes left who will actually get any? If you missed last week’s episode we have the recap right here.

Let’s get this party started!

That High Sparrow sure has a thing for Tyrells

The “New ” Margaery Tyrell and the High Sparrow talk about walking the correct path. During which the High Sparrow lets slip that Grandma Olenna Tyrell is next on his hit list. This prompts Margaery to talk to her Grandma in their first conversation since Margaery’s “enlightenment”. Talks like this should have an outside party right? It’s a good thing that Unella -one of the “Most Devout”- is there to ref the meeting. After a bit of back and forth (as well as a cleverly passed message) Olenna gets the hint and plots to roll out. With this we receive a moment made of pure satisfaction: when Cersei visits Olenna as she is preparing to leave. Cersei’s there to try and reunite their families but Olenna lets her have it. Berating Cersei on the state of King’s Landing and their families and how everything that’s happened is directly Cersei’s fault. This scene was a long time coming and worth the wait.

Time to get out of Dodge!

Jamie with Bronn leads the Lannister army to Riverrun in order confront the Blackfish. After watching the Frey boys failing miserably in their “siege”, Jamie decides to take over and fortifies the area around Riverrun as well as asking the Blackfish for a one on one.  The meeting goes nowhere but serves to show Jamie that they have no choice but to cause a lot of bloodshed.

The Greyjoy siblings (who are in Slaver’s Bay) have a heart felt talk, and by talk I mean Yara forces Theon to man up. They need old Theon in order to sail to Meereen and make a pact with the Khaleesi before their uncle catches them. Arya, meanwhile, makes plans to sail back home from Braavos at dawn. Except the Waif, disguised as an old woman finds Arya and stabs her. It takes everything Arya has to escape and she is now wounded and hunted by an enemy who could be anybody.  Will she survive till dawn?

The Trouble with the name Stark…

Jon and Sansa are still trying to build an army to face off against Ramsay Bolton and his men. Jon convinces the Wildlings to join and they next go to see Lady Mormont for help. I love this character, for a little girl I bet she could stare down Cersei Lannister and make her blink. Lady Mormont is a hard sell but they eventually, with Davos’ help, get her to agree to give her best 62 men.

It becomes apparent the name of House Stark is dead to many so with barely enough men Jon decides to invade Winterfell anyway to save Rickon. However Sansa makes moves on her own to acquire the additional men needed. I tell you she is reminding me more and more of Catelyn Stark.

You can never keep a good (or bad) Hound down.

In the WTF moment of the night, we see the return of Sandor “The Hound” Clegane.  After surviving his confrontation with Brienne, we find him living in a peaceful commune lead by a Septon and its followers. The Septon knows of Clegane’s past and believes the Gods have work for him. As peaceful as this place is for Clegane, when it comes to the hound no form of peace -not even death- lasts long. Supposed members of the Brotherhood Without Banners threaten the commune and return later, killing everyone and hanging the Septon. Since peace has once again alluded him, Clegane picks up his axe to get vengeance.

This was another great episode so I give it 3.5 Hounds out of 5.

What do you think of the Hounds return? Let us know in the comments below. For all things Game of Thrones stay with us here at Pop Culture Uncovered.


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