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The Mindy Project S4:E19 Recap

Breakups happen for a reason…

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Baby Got Backslide

Jeremy and Mindy are at dinner after going to see Hamilton (and yes, Mindy still doesn’t know how theater etiquette works) when someone pays for their meal. That someone turns out to be Casey. He’s back in NYC for the grand opening of his newest shoe store and he wants to reconnect with Mindy. Even Jeremy’s like, ‘Mmmm. No.’ but Mindy’s delighted and agrees to go out. The biggest problem? All of Casey’s friends hate her, due to the whole wedding of the year, except not so much back in Season 2. The worst hater being Marcus who’s kept a tally of all the ways Mindy tried to change Casey when they were together.

Mindy, of course, presses on, despite literally everyone (except Beverly) telling her this is a bad idea. But a funny thing happens over the course of the episode. Mindy realizes that she’s a grown up now and that Casey? Really, really isn’t. So despite the hot body and the tons of money it’s not worth it. She has a child already, she doesn’t need another one.

Meanwhile Tamra and Morgan discover Ashley’s blog. It’s basically Sex and The City but without the sex and just as terrible. They’re totally hooked though, as it gives them dirt on Jody but end up being the sweeties they are and working to help Jody (unbeknownst to him) with Ashley based on her blog posts. Unfortunately, Ashley has figured out that Jody is in love with Mindy and there’s nothing that anyone but Jody can do about that. Ashley sends him on his way, with some good advice that’s a little too late because Mindy asks out Marcus, the only actual grown up of Casey’s friends and the only one to call Casey and Mindy on their bs.

Man, Jody’s timing sucks.

Lab Report

  • Apparently Mindy gets mistaken for CeeLo Green. And for that I’m sorry.
  • ‘Do whatever Tamra says’ – life advice we could all stand to follow.
  • ‘He’s like a Garbage Pail Kid!’ – Mindy realizing that she broke up with Casey for a reason
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