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Review Brew: Brutal Nature #1

Writer: Luciano Saracino

Artist/Colors: Ariel Olivetti

Luciano creates an interesting story about Ich, a man who has the ability to change into different creatures by the use of masks. He uses his mystical abilities to stop the encroaching Spanish Empire. I enjoyed the story and how everything unfolds. The writing gives you a reason to feel for Ich, and why he’s trying to stop the Spanish Empire. Just saving the life of a young woman, at the cost of being injured, caused him to not be able to save his people from an attack. The weight of not being there to protect them takes its toll on him, and the narration highlights his thoughts right before our eyes. His world is cruel and the writing does hit on some of the brutal things that happened during those times.

The story comes together with the artwork of Ariel Olivetti. The painted style gives the characters a highly detailed look, but a few of the characters faces look weird. The creatures that Ich become look majestic and strong, but at the same time gorgeous to look at. The close up shots of the eagle he transforms into looks stunning. When he changes back into his human form, you can see the small bill, feathers, and claws gradually going away to make way for his feet. It reminds me of Animorphs, as they transform into animals. The architecture of castles, buildings, outdoor environments look realistic. The scenes of death and torture are gruesome, but also show the darkness of the world at the time. Also, the colors he uses in scenes are phenomenal. 

Brutal Nature is a surprisingly good issue, from the creative team of Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti. The writing is great, and art reflects that. The story is easy to get into and gets you invested in the main character. The painted art looks beautiful, but there are some weird looking faces. This is only the first issue and I enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be checking out the next issue.

4 Masks out of 5  

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