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The Night Manager E3 Recap

We start to see the weak links in Roper’s organization in this episode as Jonathan gets pulled in deeper and deeper.

The Night Manager BBC/AMC

Episode Three: Written by David Farr


Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave

The episode begins with a suicide that sets off a chain reaction throughout Roper’s organization as several key players either realize that some shady stuff is going on or get utterly fed up with what they know is going on. This leads to Angela getting an unexpected ally, outside of Jonathan, who can do some serious damage.

Hellooo Nurse

At Roper’s island Jonathan is fully recovered and having an effect on everyone in his vicinity. Corky’s obsession with (and jealousy of) Jonathan leads him to show his cards way too early, letting Jonathan know he’s going to have to get rid of Corky sooner rather than later. Corky’s not the only one affected by Jonathan as it’s clear that, despite Jonathan repeatedly asking to leave, Roper has no intention of letting him go, possibly ever.

As one characters says, ‘He’s grooming you.’

Unfortunately Jed’s growing attraction to Jonathan is a complication that he didn’t foresee. Nor his sympathy for her as he, and we, learn that Jed has a child that, for whatever reason, she has been keeping hidden.

Condescension Junction

Back in England, Rex proves me wrong, showing he not only has a backbone but some fire in his belly when The Riverhouse and Langley descend to try and shut down Limpet. He, politely, tells them to go eff themselves and it’s glorious. However, The Riverhouse will not be dissuaded and has figured out that Angela and Joel actually aren’t as incompetent as they were led to believe.


One of the brilliant things about this episode is how much isn’t said. Whether it’s Jonathan not reacting to the multiple provocations given to him by Roper, Corky and Jed; or Corky, quietly realizing that not only is Jonathan far more dangerous than he seems but that he has, inadvertently, laid the groundwork for his own downfall. Each character gets their moment and it’s beautifully done.

This show is the epitome of show, don’t tell, trusting your audience to be intelligent enough to figure it out.

I cannot believe there are only three episodes left.

  • There has to be a less dangerous way to get information out.
  • Angela and Joel used to be a thing? Interesting.
  • Jonathan is now tied to Roper tighter than ever but is Roper giving him rope to hang himself with?
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