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The Night Manager – E2 Recap

I should like to go now, please.

The Night Manager BBC/AMC

Episode Two: Written by David Farr

Oh Mama

It’s all about the family dynamics in this episode as we catch up with Roper, Jed and Roper’s adorable son Danny in Mallorca, Spain and find out a bit more about Jonathan’s background. Suffice to say Jed’s mom? Is a piece of work and Jed’s determined to be the exact opposite with Danny, whom she adores and who adores her in return. 

As for Jonathan, the episode parcels out a few details about his family but those details are pretty important: Jonathan’s dad was an agent who was so deep undercover that it wasn’t until he died that anyone who wasn’t authorized knew what he did.

No wonder Angela thinks he has what it takes.

Down The Rabbit Hole

And so it begins, as Jonathan quietly becomes embedded in the criminal underworld, building off the background he already has: soldier; tactician; chef; night manager; and using it to make sure he’s in the right place, at the right time.

It works and when shite goes down and Danny is kidnapped Jonathan’s there to save him, almost getting killed in the process but also earning Roper’s gratitude.

Jonathan’s in, with no back-up and no one to call if things go pear-shaped,  relying solely on his wits and ability to bluff to get the information he needs and get it out without getting caught.

This episode ramps up the action showing exactly what kind of havoc Jonathan’s capable of, both physically and emotionally. We get more insight into Angela and Roper’s operations as well: Angela’s fighting an ongoing battle against the old boy squad of The Riverhouse, half of whom are in the pocket of Roper while Roper galivants around the world making deals and endangering the lives of thousands with nary a care in the world.

It is nerve wracking watching Jonathan interact with Roper and Corky, especially as a good portion of their interactions are when Jonathan is utterly helpless. Roper’s interest in Jonathan, (and Corky’s suspicion) that was sparked previously becomes a fire in this episode making every look and word spoken loaded with meaning.

I seriously need to start drinking while doing these recaps so I can chill the hell out.

Mission Report: 

  1. Our favorite Martian is on hand to represent the CIA who are helping Angela on the quiet since The Riverhouse is both useless and obnoxious. I’m highly amused that David Harewood keeps getting cast as Americans.
  2. Seriously, even if Jonathan wanted to run there’s nowhere he can go, as he’s on Roper’s private island. 
  3. Roper looks at Jonathan like he just got a shiny new toy. Nope. Nope. NOPE.

What about you guys? Ready for episode three? Are you as anxious as I am?

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