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Penny Dreadful S3:E2 Recap

If only everyone would listen to their instincts…

Predators Far and Near

Let Us Build An Army

Dorian and Lily have been busy, digging deeper into the underworld of London that they’re both so familiar with. What they find is proto-snuff to which they get an official invite and proceed to slaughter all the participants in a sequence so beautifully shot and choreographed it looks like a dance. They rescue the young woman at the center of this freak show and bring her home, informing her that it’s her home now. I’ve a feeling she’s going to be the first of many.

Who’s Hunting Who?

In New Mexico, Rusk is having a condescension off with Ostow, the US Marshal who was planning on hanging Ethan. Both are being insufferable, but only one, Rusk, has figured out where Ethan’s kidnappers are taking him: Talbot Ranch. What neither knows is that said kidnappers aren’t going to make it there as it’s getting closer and closer to the full moon and, since these jerks had no problem killing a train full of innocents, Ethan’s in no mood to clue them in that shite’s about to get real and that’s before Hecate makes her presence known to him.

Ethan’s Two Dads

Remember last season when the gang was being besieged at Grandage Place and Ethan dropped the bomb that he’d slaughtered an entire tribe? Kaetenay was one of the few survivors of that slaughter. When Ethan came to him begging to be killed Kaetenay refused, and just as Vanessa went from reviled symbol of all that went wrong for Malcolm to beloved daughter, so Ethan became the child that Kaetenay lost. In doing so he realized that he, and Malcolm, were destined to protect Ethan and Vanessa as they’re the keys to stopping the end of the world.

Malcolm’s like, ‘Say what now?’

Oh Victor and Vanessa, where to begin…

Victor continues being oblivious to what’s going on in front of him, so obsessed with Brona!Lily and ‘saving’ her from herself that he’s somehow missed the fact that Henry basically dropped everything and came running the moment Victor called. Because Victor is an idiot.

As for Vanessa, my suspicions are confirmed and our delightful Doctor Sweet is none other than Dracula himself. He’s working Vanessa (who is so desperate for normalcy that she’s not listening to her instincts) like a boss with his Professor Jones schtick during the daytime while having Renfield report Vanessa’s sessions with Seward to him and expanding his children of the night on the dl.

Oh boy.

Ha’penny Thoughts

  • Seriously, Hecate is obsessed with Ethan, so the question is, does Lucifer know what she’s up to and if so does he approve?
  • Vanessa sure can pick them, huh?
  • I really, really, need to see Brona!Lily and Dorian interact with Ethan at some point.
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