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Game of Thrones S6: E3 Recap

The Starks are back, for good and bad….

Welcome once again PCU Fanatics to our weekly recap of Game of Thrones. Last week was epic, so how did this one stack up? Well we are about to get to that below, if you missed last weeks recap you can read it right here.

So Fans, let’s get started!!

Everybody Loves Sam!!!

It’s the first time we’ve seen Sam since he packed his family and left the Wall, they’re sailing towards Old Town so Sam can train and become a maester, but the city doesn’t allow women. So, he decides to take Gilly and the baby to Horn Hill, Sam’s hometown, to keep them safe, which will be interesting as Sam and his Dad are not quite on the closest of terms. So what will be in store for Sam when they get to their Final Destination.

Khaleesi-Do-Bee-Do, where are you?

As Daenerys finally reaches the temple of widowed Khaleesi, she learns that her safety is not guaranteed. When the other Khals meet they may decide to ransack Meereen and once again enslave it, or she may be a prisoner in Vaes Dothrak forever. However, back in Meereen, Varys uses his skills of persuasion to find the masterminds behind the attack on the city.

And on today’s episode of King’s Landing

It was soooo good to watch Cersei being Cersei once again. When she decides to use Lord Varys’ former “Little Birds” to hear anyone talking bad about her so she could destroy them, it made me happy seeing the “Queen” taking back her throne. Yet, in the next scene Jaime and Cersei gets shunned at the Small Council meeting. Baby steps Cersei, baby steps.

Tommen is trying so hard to be king and regain his mother’s honor, but his inexperience makes him easily swayed, this time by the High Sparrow, when Tommen confronts him to allow Cersei to see the body of Myrcella. Tommen’s rule will be a short one if he doesn’t create around him reliable council.

“Welcome Home, Lord Stark”

Ramsey Bolton, the new lord of Winterfell, after killing his father receives a visit from Lord Umber. Umber wants to join forces in order to protect his lands from the Wildlings. Of course he didn’t come empty handed, he brought peace offerings in the form of the Wildling Osha and the person she was protecting Rickon Stark. This had to be the most WTF moment of the night. So Ramsey loses one Stark (Sansa) and gains another? How is that even possible?!?!

Stark’s Vision Quest Part 2

Bran continues to learn more about his father’s younger days.  He watches as Ned gets overpowered by Arthur Dayne and then Dayne get stabbed in the back by Ned’s man Howland Reed. It was jarring watching a Ned Stark who was willing to do anything to win, but all I could think was: Where was this guy in Season 1? Arya continues her training in the temple of the Many Faced God, finally becoming nobody and regaining her sight, but what is going to happen when she learns her family is still alive?

Fallen Snow

Jon Snow has returned to life thanks to the efforts of Melisandre and Davos. He then executes Throne and the conspirators in his death, in the most jarring hanging scene I have ever witnessed. Finally Jon drops the mic: He gives up being Lord Commander and leaves the Night’s Watch in the second most WTF moment of the night.

This was another crazy episode and I have to give it 4 found Starks out 5.

What did you think of this episode? Comment below and stay with Pop Culture Uncovered for more Game of Thrones coverage!

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