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Game of Thrones Episode 2 Recap

Welcome again PCU G.O.T. fanatics to our Weekly Recap! If you missed the Season Premiere Recap, you can view it here. Continuing the momentum from last week, viewers were presented another incredible episode with more twist than a Hot Wheels track! The best thing about the episode is we have a definitive answer on Jon Snow’s fate. So, my friends, let’s get to it.

Starks’ and their Vision Quest

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Bran Stark and this episode starts with him training with the Three Eyed Raven, in the middle of a vision about a very young Ned Stark and his siblings.  There is also young Hodor whose vocabulary consisted of more than”Hodor” and going by the name Willis.

Outside the cave Bran is training in, Meera get a visit from a Child of the Forest who tells her that Bran needs her, especially when he leaves the cave for good. Bran is having the time of his life, while poor Meera is lost and confused. I wanted to see more of their story but I guess I will have to wait.

In Braavos Arya is still blind and still being tormented by her rival when she is confronted by the man we know as Jaqen. Arya resists his numerous attempts to tempt her into using her given name and he finally leads her away from her position of being a beggar.

Hopefully next will be the return of her sight.

Two Fallen Kings for the price of One!

Ramsey Bolton has been shamed by Sansa Stark’s escape and proposes a plan to attack Castle Black and kill the Night’s Watch Lord High Commander, Jon Snow. Roose Bolton shoots down the idea and I don’t know if it was Roose’s constant belittling of Ramsey or the many setbacks he faced, but Ramsey finally got tired of his father’s shenanigans and stabbed him. I must admit I never quite saw this coming as Roose seemed to have Ramsey’s number. I would have expected him to have a countermeasure for his son’s treachery. He then invited Walda and her child (the true heir to the throne) to see the King and dispatched of them as well.  This was a testament to how far Ramsey is willing to go for his goals, now he is King, The Seven help us!

As Sansa and her team gets settled Theon decides it’s time to leave and heads home to the Iron Islands not knowing there’s trouble brewing. Theon’s sister Yara and father Balon are arguing the merits of invading the mainland. Yara reminds Balon that the last time that happened Ned Stark killed two of her brothers and captured Theon. Balon, tired of Yara leaves to retire to his room, but is Balon is confronted by his estranged brother Euron. Euron feels that now is the time for him to rule the Iron Islands and throws Balon off the bridge. I kinda expected Balon to fall off the bridge, I mean it was the middle of a storm and that bridge was on its last legs. But for the King’s brother to return and throw him off was a shock. Then Yara, poor girl, may not even make it on the Iron Throne, due to how they choose their ruler. In my opinion she is the most qualified to rule out of all the Greyjoys.

Those Crazy Lannisters!

Tyrion reminds Varys and Missandei that Dragons cannot survive in captivity, so (in a move no doubt brought on by heavy drinking) Tyrion goes to the dungeon to free Rhaegal and Viserion. He speaks to them like the intelligent creatures they are convincing them not to eat him as he removes their chains. It’s not the brightest plan, but a necessary one for the dragons survival. The best moment was Varys shocked expression that this crazy plan worked. I was just as shocked as Varys because Games likes to play with the viewers. I didn’t expect the death of Tyrion, but the loss of a limb or two would have come as no surprise. Yet, to survive unscathed, that was truly shocking.

At King’s landing Jaime confronts the leader of “The Sparrows” over Myrcella’s body. The High Sparrow has shown himself to be a really shrewd and calculating man. He waited until he could move against a weak ruler like Tommen, but with Jaime back at King’s Landing, the High Sparrow’s rule may be numbered. Speaking of Tommen, he finally confronts Cersei after keeping her locked in her room during Myrcella’s funeral, telling her he would never let her get caught by The Sparrows again which leads to the two reforming their bond. I really like Tommen, he has potential to be a great ruler, but having his mother and “uncle” in his ear will be an interesting story down the road.

Weekend at Bernie’s 3: The Wall

The standoff at Castle Black has come to a head, Thorne and his followers have come for Jon Snow’s body and poor Davos is out of moves.  Just when all hope is lost the Wildlings, brought by Edd, join the party and easily subdue Thorne and the men of the Night’s Watch. I loved watching the giant easily fling one of the Night’s Watch, with everyone else going “Nope, I want none of that” and dropping their weapons, brilliant! Now with Thorne in custody Davos asks The Red Woman to use her magic to bring Jon Snow back to life. After trying a spell that seemed to fail everyone leaves the room and Jon takes his first breath of new life. Jon Snow is back ladies and gentleman!

And there you have it, this episode had so much packed into it. I give it 4 Direwolves out of 5.

So are you happy that Jon is alive? Let us know in the comments below and for more Game of Thrones news stay with Pop Culture Uncovered.

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